Freestyle Now at DownUnderGround


Freestyle Now squad members Paul Chamberlain and Shaun Jarvis attended the recent DownUnderGround flatland contest in Melbourne over the weekend. This contest was the finals of the 5th series. Heading into the contest Shaun was two points behind for the year end title in the advanced class while Paul was almost guaranteed the year end title in the pro class. The two riders rode well during the contest with both hitting up some of their harder combos and links. Shaun had a few bike problems during his runs which held him back from being a consistent as he wanted which resulted in a 3rd place in the advanced class behind Tasmanian Matt Wootton and 1st place getter André from Melbourne. As a result Shaun ended up with the 2nd place in the overall year end title. Paul rode well in the pro class and smashed out some great combos for the 2nd place, but a few inconstant links may have been his demise in taking the win from Australian flatland heavy hitter Shane Badman. Paul ended up taking the number one year end title in the Pro class. Congratulations to both riders and no doubt both riders will represent Freestyle Now well in Sydney for round 1 of series 6 of DownUnderGround which is set to take place on the 18th January 2014.

DownUnderGround melbourne 2013 Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain in the middle of one of his crazy combo links.

DownUnderGround melbourne 2013

 Clockwise from left – Shaun Jarvis mid switch to the front wheel – Top 3 in advanced, 1st André, 2nd Matt Wootton, and 3rd Shaun Jarvis – Paul Chamberlain get some backwheel spins in before moving into the next link – Top 3 in pro, 3rd Grant Cruise, 1st Shane Badman and 2nd Paul Chamberlain.

DownUnderGround melbourne 2013 Shaun Jarvis

Shaun Jarvis with a no handed swivel at the iconic Melbourne Imax location.