Tánh Gà update


Freestyle Now squad member Tánh Gà has been representing Freestyle Now in Vietnam since May 2011. Squad member Paul Chamberlain was living over there and noticed his riding style and ability and knew that he had what was needed to be a squad member. Bmx is just starting to get popular in Vietnam and it’s good to know that Tánh is one of the leaders in the scene development. Paul recently hit up Tánh with some questions to see how the scene is going.

Tanh Ga - december 2013

Paul: Since you became a member of Freestyle Now what changed in Vietnam and your life about BMX?

Tánh: Yes more people know Freestyle Now! I have to say that Freestyle Now make me feel I must ride better every day, you know that I’m just like kid and really really amazing when got sponsor from Australia. The feeling when became a member of Freestyle Now like …… You really in the game now man, have to ride better!

Tanh Ga 2 crooked grind - december 2013

Paul: When I see BMX stuff about Vietnam, it looks big. When I lived there BMX was small. What happened?

Tánh: Before I was a rider I thought BMX riders are like hero of street jumping over everything make people going crazy. So I ride for this reason. To do something different and crazy. When I started only a few riders, but now so many here.
But normal people still think the same about BMX. When you are riding here you know people think you just a crazy man with too small bike and doing some crazy shit. BMX is still strange here man. But now many guys are asking for how to get bike how to ride and do tricks. I don’t know why man. Maybe now everybody got internet and Vietnamese BMX rider start to be famous a little bit.
Have to say Vietnamese who ride BMX a lot have different life with everybody else here. We are not normal in Vietnam. Just crazy people. And because of that not too much place that we can ride in peace :)) You know about police man!

Tanh Ga 12 stair - december 2013

Paul: Yeah man, I remember that time when we heard police coming and you all threw your bikes and skateboards into bushes but I didn’t have to because I’m a foreigner. Crazy police! They don’t ask questions! Anyway, how long have you been doing X Games Day? What is it? Why do you do it?

Tanh: It started 02/06/2012. It’s a day for fun and building up the community of BMX here. Like I said, the people who not ride BMX much here think we are like BMX heroes in the street. That’s how we feel when we ride. Powerful. We can jump over everything and make people crazy -flatland too. That worked on my mind a lot. I thought, why not share the feelings of BMX with somebody else? So we did! and Xgame Day is growing bigger every time. The plan is play nice with people and play hard with police. It so hard for us to find a place for riding and skating. The police are crazy here. They don’t play!

Paul: About the future, what do you want to do in the future? New tricks? Events? Shows? Do you want to be a professional rider or have a normal job?

Tanh: Yeah, that the dream! I want to be professional man!

Paul: Maybe Freestyle Now will come to Vietnam next year. Cool right?

Tanh: Yeah sure man I tell you a 1000 times! Vietnamese like to see BMX shows! You can kick me out of Freestyle Now if Vietnamese people not gone crazy when they see you guys riding!

Tanh Ga 1 - december 2013