Paul Chamberlain wins at DownUnderGround


Last weekend in Sydney saw DownUnderGround the national bmx flatland contest series kicked off with round 1 taking place in Bondi. Freestyle Now squad members Paul Chamberlain, Shaun Jarvis and Jason Parker attended the contest along with a good number of other flatland riders from around Australia. The contest was one of the best that Australian flatland has seen in a good number of years with good rider turn out and the level of riding being pushed. The weekend saw a lot of riding being done and fun and goodtimes were one of the main objectives. Jason Parker and Shaun Jarvis competed in the advanced class with Shaun taking out 3rd place with a good solid 1st run apart from just two touches. Jason took out the 5th placing on the day with the usual Jason style. The day belonged to Paul Chamberlain who took out the 1st place in the pro class, with some dialed riding. His second run was the one that sealed his win. Super consistent with an amazing long link that he has only ever pulled 3 times, two times only days before the contest and in his contest run. The day was perfect, sunny and hot and being in Bondi it was off to swim after the contest. If you want to see more info check the page here DownUnderGround top 3 pro downunderground January 2014

 The pro class – left to right, Brett Dighton 3rd, Paul Chamberlain 1st and Shane Badman 2nd

Paul Chamberlain at downunderground January 2014

 Paul Chamberlain in the middle of a dumptruck switch.

Paul Chamberlain downunderground January 2014

Paul Chamberlain was flowing super consistent tricks like this inside no handed rolling stick B.

top 3 advanced downunderground January 2014

The Advanced class – left to right, Recce Mason 1st , Chris Letchford 2nd and Shaun Jarvis 3rd

Shaun Jarvis downunderground January 2014

Shaun Jarvis throws the bike forward and catches with his elbow, elbow glide.

Shaun Jarvis at downunderground January 2014

Shaun Jarvis likes his no handed backyards

Jason Parker downunderground January 2014

Jason Parker with a cross footed McCircle

Jason Parker at downunderground January 2014

Jason Parker hits the upsidedown backwards wheelie