Dunsborough skatepark competition – Round 5 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


Round 5 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series took place on Sunday 16th February. The sun was out, it was hot, the skatepark was full, there was radness flowing and the spectators were enjoying the action. The day was split into two with the skatepark competition taking place first followed by a bowl jam. The skatepark competition saw all of the usual action, big tricks, some stacks and a large amount of smiles. It was great to see some girls entering into the girls only class at Dunsborough and young 6 year old Isi Campbell took out the win, big future in skating we hope. Local skate shop Soggy Bones gave away a deck just before the Bowl jam. It’s always great to see a heap of people in a bowl fighting for a prize. The bowl jam was rad. Some great moves from the bmx riders, but the skate was epic. Dunsborough has a large surfing community and it seems to have flow on affect with skateboarding as the town has some epic locals. There were good number of young rippers in the skate bowl jam all willing to take on the big guns but it was Ben Dittmer who was without a doubt the winner, with nonstop flow and radness, at one point he did a good 5 minute run in the bowl. The day would not happen if it was not for the City of Busselton and the Busselton youth council and out supporters, Stowaway distribution, Sacrifice scooters and 4 skateboard Co.

Dunsborough skatepark competition 2014

Clockwise from top left – Young Tommy Tunncliffe is rad – Matt Adkins is moving well through the competition scene and only still 14 years old – Laclan Micale has so much power in his skating, everyone loves a good boneless – Safyr Iriks took the 2nd in the girls class and it was great to see her skill.

Dunsborough skatepark competition - Dylan Schmidt 2014

Dylan Schmidt, tailwhip at height 1st place in bmx advanced.

Dunsborough skatepark competition bmx bowl 2014

Clockwise from top left – Dylan Schmidt killed it in the bowl, this flair is just some of the radness he went with for first place and $50 – Shane Ellis took 2nd, he has been riding for a long time and it shows, a mad 450 over the hip to a large case blew out his tyre and stopped him from going onto challenge Dylan for the 1st place – Matt Adkins is only 14 and is already got some mad skills, fakie bars – Riley Cummings was flowing the bowl well and it shows he has been doing so since it opened a year ago.

Dunsborough skatepark competition skateboard bowl 2014

Clockwise from top left – Isi Campbell, yes the ramp look really big but that is because Isi is only 6 years old – Luke Parish had some good lines around the bowl to get the flow for these 5.0’s – Ben Dittmer was the winner of the bowl jam, his runs were epic and so to his smiths – Nic Scheltema like the pocket a lot and was going some great grinds on the coping, this well dipped smith is just some of his ability.

Dunsborough skatepark competition skateboard bowl - Lachlan Micale 2014

Laclan Micale pumped around the bowl a fair bit to get the line to this rad high air.

More photos from the day can be viewed on the Facebook page here

Dunsborough skatepark competition – 16th February 2014 – Round 5 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Girls – 1st Isi Campbell (skate), 2nd Safyr Iriks (scooter)

Scooter Beginners – 1st Harry Slee, 2nd Brae Vincent, 3rd Joel Vincent, 4th Josef Smith, 5th Sol Durham, 6th Matteo Durham.

Scooter Advanced – 1st Hudson Goodchild, 2nd Anaki Hunter, 3rd Nic Komnick.

Skateboard Beginners – 1st Oliver Davie, 2nd Chevy Carmody, 3rd Daniel Fairclough, 4th Seth Richardson, 5th Hayden Nisbet, 6th Sav Carmody, 7th Kyron Dragicevich, 8th Indy Hill, 9th Ned Hart, 10th Finn Carmody, 11th Fabby Norman.

Skateboard Advanced – 1st Laclan Micale, 2nd Ben Dittmer, 3rd Tommy Tunncliffe, 4th Brayden Taylor, 5th Jackson Bonfield.

Bmx Beginners – 1st Jim Ward, 2nd Ethan Sawyer.

Bmx Advanced – 1st Dylan Schmidt, 2nd Laurence Bakewell, 3rd Shane Ellis, 4th Josh Dunston, 5th Matt Adkins, 6th Jack French, 7th Brad South, 8th John Graham, 9th Ryley Cumins, 10th Brady Howlett, 11th Brady Thomas.

Dunsborough bowl battle jam

Skateboard – 1st Ben Dittmer $60, 2nd Lachlan Micale $40, 3rd Luke Parish $20.
Other competitors in no placing order – Oliver Davies, Ned Hart, Isi Campbell, Hyden Nisbet, Nic Scheltema, Boston Cavanagh, Tommy Tunncliffe, Liam Keany, Indy Hill.

Bmx – 1st Dylan Schmidt $50, 2nd Shane Ellis, 3rd Riley Cummings, 4th Matt Adkins, 5th Jack French.