Mandurah Action Sports Games – BMX halfpipe battle jam


The 2014 Mandurah Action Sports Games went off in a large way with about 120000 people coming through the event over the two days. Australia’s largest action sports event hosted a round of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation worlds cup along with a pro only skateboard, scooter and bmx competitions at with so much more over the two days. There were two bmx competitions, the halfpipe battle jam and the park competition. The BMX halfpipe battle jam was an awesome competition, with 12 riders all wanting to take a share in the $4250 prize money. The format was simple, drop in and ride, throw down some radness and stay in the jam. With so many good riders the judging was tough. By the time the top 6 were ready to drop in it was going to be anyone for the win. Laurence Bakewell we throwing down hammers and was looking good for the win but in round 2 he let things slip a bit and was droped out along with Jacob DeAbrue. The top 3 hit it and hit it hard, Brock Horneman had large flairs and smooth flow and he took the win and $1500. Second place went to all round good guy Nathan Phelps with good use of the ramp, flair invert to flair turndown was just some of the radness that he unleashed for his second place and $1000. Dylan Schmidt took out the third place and $700, his superwhips were just crazy.

Action Sports Games 2014 Brock Horneman BMX halfpipe battle jam winner

Winner of the BMX halfpipe battle jam Brock Horneman, large flair while fellow competitors look on as well as the 1000’s of spectators.

Action Sports Games 2014 BMX halfpipe battle jam

Clockwise from top left – 2nd place Nathan Phelps inverted flair, 3rd place Dylan Schmidt large superwhip, 4th place Laurence Bakewell learnt flair whips the week before in Melbourne and was smashing them out in Mandurah, 5th place went to Jacob DeAbrue, mixing it up with the sea gulls with arms wide ready for flight.

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Mandurah Action Sports Games – BMX halfpipe battle jam – 16th March 2014 – Official results

1st Brock Horneman $1500, 2nd Nathan Phelps $1000, 3rd Dylan Schmidt $700, 4th Laurence Bakewell $500, 5th Jacob DeAbrue $200, 6th Jack Fahey $150, 7th Jay Wilson $50, 8th Warren Bowers $50, 9th Matt Adkins $50, 10th Luiz Paulo $50, 11th Brady Thomas, 12th Liam Mauldings.