Mandurah Action Sports Games – BMX Park


The 2014 Mandurah Action Sports Games was one of Australia’s largest Action sports events. About 120000 people attended the event over the two days. The event host a round of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation worlds cup along with skateboard, scooter and bmx competitions and so much more over the two days. The skateboard, scooter and bmx competitors for 2014 were competing for $20000 prize money.
The BMX park competition saw some amazing riding from riders all around Australia. With a total of 16 competitors the qualifying rounds on Saturday were intense. Only 10 would make it to the semi finals on the Sunday and only the top five would get a run in the finals. With $4250 prize money up for grabs many were hungry for the top spots.
The boy from Brazil Luiz Paulo only just scraped into the finals and too the tenth spot. Good to see. Nathan Phelps took the 9th spot. A front flip from wedge to jump box lander had the crowd going wild. He took a moment or two to set this up and on his first try nailed it. His 720 over the box was crazy. Not sure why he did not place higher. Collie Waz, aka Warren Bowers took out the 8th place in true Wazza style. 7th place went to Jacob DeAbrue who injures his knee on the Saturday and it showed. Uninjured he would have place much higher. Jarrod Minniecon rode the park like no one else. Some great lines and his gap from the jump box lander to feeble on the hubber was insane. Jay Wilson was no surprise to be in the top 5. He grew up riding the Mandurah park and knows the place well. His flow and dexterity was pure bliss to watch. Good use of the park with a good mixture of tricks and styles earned him a well deserving 5th place. Dylan Schmidt took out the win in 2013 and was looking good to repeat. Going into the finals leading the points all the way. His first run in the finals was a banger, tricking everything he hit, rails ledges, box, quarters he was on form. His second run he just seemed be in default mode and unfortunately hampered his scores but a well deserving 4th place. Brock Horneman took out the win in the halfpipe battle jam the day before, he was pumped. Massive no hander backflips, flair whips and 360 variations helped him take the 3rd place. Laurence Bakewell spent the week before in Melbourne and it must have helped. The guy was on fire. So good to watch. In his finals he hit the jump box backwards with a double whip, bar spin on the quarter and then a clean triple whip over the box. He rode so good and clean. Jack Fahey looked like he was just casually riding around the park with no fixed plan or even in a competition. and then he would hit something and bang, amazing would take place. Front flips on the little wedge box, superman back flips, crazy flow over the skatepark and then to finish it with his banger, front flip drop in on the jump box. The crowd was loud. A well earned 1st place and $1500.
Thank you goes out to Eventscorps, City of Mandurah, Mambo and Murdoch University for sponsoring the event and letting such a rad competition go down. Looking forward to 2015.

Action Sports Games 2014 - Jack Fahey 1st place BMX park

Jack Fahey back flip superman 1st place Mandurah Action Sports Games BMX park.

Action Sports Games 2014 - BMX park

Clockwise from top left – Laurance Bakewell triple whip over the box – Brock Horneman 2nd place no hander back flip – 4th place Dylan Schmidt super whip the hip – Jay Wilson mad style and flow, table out of the wave 5th place.

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Mandurah Action Sports Games – BMX Park – 16th March 2014 – Official results

1st Jack Fahey $1500, 2nd Laurence Bakewell $1000, 3rd Brock Horneman $700, 4th Dylan Schmidt $500, 5th Jay Wilson $200, 6th Jarrod Minniecon $150, 7th Jacob DeAbrue $50, 8th Warren Bowers $50, 9th Nathan Phelps $50, 10th Luiz Paulo $50, 11th Matt Adkins, 12th Brady Thomas, 13th Liam Moulding, 14th Brad South, 15th Jayden Cornish, 16th Regan Lothian.