Mandurah Action Sports Games – scooter competition


The 2014 Mandurah Action Sports Games was large. With over 120000 people in attendance over the two days is was well off the hook. With so much to see and do people were everywhere. This year at the Action Sports Games there was the inclusion of the pro scooter competition. This competition was an International Scooter Association wildcard event, with the winner of the competition not only taking home over $1000 but also a direct placement into the world titles happening in August in England. The competition was intense with $3300 prize money up for grabs. The qualifiers took place on Friday night with the top ten earning a place for the semi finals. Come Sunday the semi finals got under way to find the top 5 who would go into the finals. The results of the semi finals were the same as the qualifiers with competitors in the same order. Moving into the top five finals in qualifying order were Matty Ceravolo, Ben Thomas, Dylan Morrison, Billy Watts and in the number 1 spot was Max Peters.

Action Sports Games 2014 Brenton Taylor scooter super grab

Brenton Taylor came in 10th but he had the best super grabs ever over the jump box.

The finals were hectic with it being a close competition. Coming in 5th place was Dylan Morrison. With large airs and multiple combos he was looking good but lack of park use must have held back his scores. 244 points. In 4th place was Matty Ceravolo, who hit the park well and used many of the transitions to his advantage with a good variety of whips and kickless styles definitely helped him move up to 4th place. 251 points. Taking out the 3rd place was Perth local Billy Watts. In typical Billy style he went fast high and kept a smile on his face. He hit the jump box better that most with some awesome style. 264 points. Moving from 4th to 2nd was another Perth local rider, Ben Thomas. He seemed to be holding back in his first finals run but unleashed a large amount of rad in his second finals run. With lots of variety and styles it definitely helped to get him to 2nd place. 265 points. First place was held all weekend by Max Peters. He rode the park like he owned it. Used it for all its worth and hit trick after trick with precision. His banger for both his first and second run in the finals was a front flip drop in into the landing of the jump box. 272 points. First place and $1100 plus the direct invite to the ISA world titles.

Action Sports Games 2014 Top 4 in scooter

Clockwise from top left – 1st Max peters unleashing a corked flair – 2nd Ben Thomas mid whip to bar over the funbox – 3rd Billy Watts 360 nohander – 4th Matty Ceravolo middle of some kickless rewinds

The Mandurah Action Sports Games was a great platform to showcase the level that scootering has progressed to. With so many people watching the competition the exposure was great. The announcements about the scooter competition over the whole Action Sports Games event sight also highlights the sport and the growth that it has had over the last few years. See everyone again for 2015 Mandurah Action Sports Games.

Mandurah Action Sports Games – Pro Scooter – 16th March 2014 – Official results.

1st Max Peters – $1100, 2nd Ben Thomas – $800, 3rd Billy Watts – $600, 4th Matty Ceravolo – $300, 5th Dylan Morrison – $200, 6th Tyler Marovovic – $100, 7th Kal Chandler – $50, 8th Jiordan Giacoppo – $50, 9th Jarrod Colewell – $50, 10th Brenton Taylor – $50, 11th Morgan Avery, 12th Aden Lillas, 13th Peter Ververis, 14th Calymn Brandt, 15th Christian Silvestro, 16th Dylan Van Pudua

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