Mandurah Action Sports Games – Skateboard halfpipe battle jam


The 2014 Mandurah Action Sports Games went off in a large way with about 120000 people coming through over the two days. Australia’s largest action sports event host a round of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation worlds cup along with skateboard, scooter and bmx competitions at with so much more over the two days. The skateboard, scooter and bmx competitors for 2014 were competing for $20000 prize money. The skateboard halfpipe battle jam was one of the competitions that saw some crazy action. The 13 competitors were all chasing the $4250 prize money. The battle jam format was simple, roll on the halfpipe, keep up the radness level and stay in the competition. Over the course of the 4 rounds the list went from 13 to 3. The top 3 competitors knew what it took to stay on the top. 1st place and $1500 went to Dylan Tomlinson who hit some nice high airs and stayed on his board the longest, consistency with radness allowed the judges to give him the top spot. Connor Harrington took out 2nd place and a nice $1000, some flowing lines helped with this for sure. Paul Bruno had some nice airs, hand plants and good flow and went home with an extra $700 for his 3rd place.

Action Sports Games 2014 Dylan Tomlinson skateboard halfpipe battle jam winner

Dylan Tomlinson front side air for the win.

Action Sports Games 2014 skateboard halfpipe battle jam

Clockwise from top left – Connor Harrington 2nd place 5 0 to fakie – Paul Bruno get an indy air in for his 3rd place – Harry Clark got his blunt to revert on and took out 4th place – Brendon Cross took out 5th with move like this finger flip to tail.

More photos from the halfpipe battle jam can be see on our facebook page here

Mandurah Action Sports Games – Skateboard halfpipe battle jam – 16th March 2014 – Official results

1st Dylan Thomlinson $1500, 2nd Connor Harrington $1000, 3rd Paul Bruno $700, 4th Harry Clark $500, 5th Brendon Cross $200, 6th Ginge Harding $150, 7th Brett Margaritas $50, 8th Issa Hassan $50, 9th Joe Bothams $50, 10th Jeron Chow $50, 11th Joel Pond 12th Max Oliver, 13th Jesse Nelson.