Mandurah Action Sports Games – Skateboard Park


The 2014 Mandurah Action Sports Games was one of Australia’s largest Action sports events. About 120000 people attended the event over the two days. The event host a round of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation worlds cup along with skateboard, scooter and bmx competitions and so much more over the two days. The skateboard, scooter and bmx competitors for 2014 were competing for $20000 prize money. The skateboard park competition was insane. On the Saturday the competitors went through the qualifying round in the hope to make it to the finals on Sunday for their share in the $4250 prize money.
On Sunday 9 competitors went into the quarter finals with 3 groups of 3 having a 5 minute jam to smash out some skating. From the top nine it was taken down to the top 6 for the semi finals. It was a tough competition to judge as the skill level was insane with all skaters having different styles and flow. In the semis the competitors really pushed it and used many of the various portable ramps in the hope to help gain more points in difficulty and diversity. Issa Hassan was showing good form and was having lots of fun with 6th. Connor Harrington is moving on up in the skate world and at Mandurah he showed why. Great still, consistent and good use of the skatepark 5th. Harry Clark took 4th place. Harry is the goods and skates so well, but just could not get into the top 3 that is how close the competition was. In the finals it was looking as if Dylan Tomlinson was going to take the win, but with a broken board from the semis he was on a borrowed board in the finals. It must have messed with things as he was killing out there but just not as consistent as in all the other rounds, 3rd place. Joe Bothams was on a mission. Rails, lines, lips, tricks, and straight out flow earned him a second place. Barry Mansfield had the board under his feet with what seemed like elastic glue. So consistent, good use of park, good lines and tricks and the flow, yes the flow was so good. A well earned 1st place and $1500.
A big thanks to Eventscorps, City of Mandurah, Mambo and Murdoch University for sponsoring the event and giving the competitors an opportunity to have such a rad competition to roll in.

Action Sports Games 2014 - Barry Mansfield 1st place Skateboard park Barry Mansfield took the win in skateboard park competition with the aid of super feet and the ability to stick them to the board on every trick.

Action Sports Games 2014 - Skateboard parkClockwise from top left – Joe Bothams took 2nd with some good lines like this one into the wedge – 3rd place went to Dylan Tomlinson, boards down the rail – 4th place was all for Harry Clark, flips to fakie in full effect – Connor Harrington took out the 5th place with some good form and wizardry.

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Mandurah Action Sports Games – Skateboard Park – 16th March 2014 – Official results

1st Barry Mansfield $1500, 2nd Joe Bothams $1000, 3rd Dylan Tomlinson $700, 4th Harry Clark $500, 5th Connor Harrington $300, 6th Issa Hassan $100, 7th Joel Pond $50, 8th Jesse Nelson $50, 9th Jamie Pratten $50, 10th Paul Bruno, 11th Scott Hetherington, 12th Tyla D’Arcy, 13th Rob Yandle, 14th Reif Wilson,  15th Zac Gilbert.