Jason Parker update – Belmont 2006


Freestyle Now squad member Jason Parker has been on the squad roster for 15 years, always getting rad and being stoked on bmx. Recently Jason went through some video archives and found some 2006 footage from Belmont skatepark and made this quick edit.

“Well was thinking I should put an edit together from some of the old footage I had. So I decided to show some of my riding that is not of the normal skate park runs. I put a clip from January this year on at the end. I had fun riding parks back then but now days it’s a lot more crowded. Hope some people may try putting some of the tricks they see from my edit in to use. Enjoy. The music used was from Rad. I used to watch this movie all the time wishing I could be like those riders in the movie. That Movie made my riding possible and helped give me a life of rad people and bmx in my life. Thanks Freestyle Now and Shaun Jarvis for all the support. I’m so happy to see the whole sport going so strong. We need to pass the torch to the next generation of youth for the flame to keep burning.”