Freestyle Now work experience guy


This week at Freestyle Now we have had the pleasure of having Oli Lane from Ellenbrook Christian collage attend our offices for his year 10 work experience.  He has been helping around the office with many tasks and working on getting the ramps for the Rockingham Invite Competition ready to shred on the day. Freestyle Now are happy to have school students in for work experience and teach the younger generation how to run a business and roll out the radness. Oli had this to say about his week with Freestyle Now

“I came from Bindoon just to do my work experience with Freestyle Now, I love what they do with the comps and demos and it’s awesome. It’s interesting to learn that things don’t just happen they take lots of planning!!! On Monday we went for a quick ride at Carine skatepark and I got a few little clips there with my gopro. I’ve spent my mornings in the office sorting out the invites for the Rockingham Invite Competition and trying to ride when I can. In the arvos I’ve been helping build ramps and painting them up, they’re a really nice size and look fun to ride can’t wait to try them.  This has been a hell of a good week filled with, jokes, coffee, work and… coffee all mixed into one, it has been a rad week at the Freestyle Now office but as they say all good things come to an end. Thanks for a good time.”

Oli Lane at Carine skatepark July 2014

Oli Lane at Carine skatepark.

Oli Lane work experiance at Freestyle Now July 2014

Oli Lane with his weekly tasks while on work experience at Freestyle Now