Rockys final fest competition – Round 11 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


The Rockys final fest 2014 was rad. The City of Rockingham put up $3000 in prize money, $1000 per discipline for the competitors to chase. With about 300 spectators scattered around the one off ramp course all watching some of the best skatepark competitors Perth has to offer. The City of Rockingham has five skateparks within its boundaries, and over the past 12 months these five skateparks have all hosted competitions. The culmination of these past 5 competitions was the Rocky’s finals fest. This competition was also Round 11 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series and a double pointer. To be able to qualify to enter the Rocky’s final fest competitors had to have placed in the top 3 of the advanced class at any of the five skatepark competitions or have been at last year’s Rocky’s final fest. There were a few wildcard entries as well for a lucky few who got an invite. The ramp course/skatepark was set up in the early hours of Sunday morning, no one knew what the set up was going to be until they arrived. There was a good turnout of competitors although in skate and scooter some invitees did not show which left them groups a little short in competitors. There was something there for every type of style of riding, ledges, rails, hips, spine and box jumps. The competitors all had two one minute runs each and when it was all said and done some were stoked with their placing and some were not, but that is how a competition goes.
The plans are already in place for the Rocky’s final fest to take place in 2015, but to get your invite make sure you get along to one of the City of Rockingham’s skatepark competitions to secure your place. Information on these competitions will be posted on our coming events so make sure you keep in check.

rockingham finals fest 2014 scooter Billy Watts 1st place

Billy Watts took out the first place in the advanced scooter class and won $500. One of the only riders to hit the jump box with power to throw down large tricks, like this 360 no hander.

rockingham finals fest 2014 scooter

Clockwise from top left – Ben Thomas tied with Matty Ceravolo for 2nd place. Ben had some original tricks like this saran wrap back flip – Matty Ceravolo is a powerful rider and rode the course well, this flair turndown was just some of the crazyness that Matty unleshed – Jiordan Giacoppo took out the 4th place. It was a tight competition between the top 4 place getters. Jiordan was on fire and hit up some good tricks like this kickless rewind over the spine – Aden Lillas is a regular at the City of Rockingham competitions. At most competitions he enters skate, bmx and scooter a true competitor. At the invite competition he took out 5th place and was $50 richer. This inward of the upledge help to kick up his points.

rockingham finals fest 2014 skateboard Chonchoe Lasvendous 1st place

Chonchoe Lasvendous took out the 1st place in skate. Original moves like the drop off ledge hippy jump helped him on the win, as well as good use of the park. $500 richer on the day.

rockingham finals fest 2014 skateboard

Clockwise from top left – Mason Brown was a wildcard entry and took out the 2nd place spot and $250, he sessioned this rail well and this K grind was just some of his radness – 3rd place and $125 went to Mandurah local Jamie Pratten, he had good flow around the course and used the spine well – 4th place went to 12 year old Josh Birtwistle. For a young skater he has got some great abilities and ended up locking in this smith grind across and down the rail to much noise from the crowd and his peers – Daine Brown took out the 5th placing, he was defiantly skating for the fun of it and it showed during his runs, he always looks like he is having when skating and so should you.

rockingham finals fest 2014 bmx Laurance Bakewell 1st place

1st Place in BMX went to Laurence Bakewell. He hit the ramps and hit them hard. His last run was crazy and full of whips and flips and spins, a triple whip over the box was defiantly a point scorer, but with 360 double whips and flair whips, it was no doubt that a win and $500 would be his, although it was only one point between 1st and second. This double whip air and dipped 360 over the spine were only some of the radness he possessed on the day.

rockingham finals fest 2014 bmx

Clockwise from top left – 2nd place and one point behind Laurence was Dylan Schmidt. In his second run he slowed down a bit and that could have been what kept him from the top spot. His superwhips are large and was defiantly one of the tricks that help him stay 40 points above 3rd – Jacob De Abreu has progressed well over the last few years, now riding brakeless and with pegs he is moving to an all over style of riding, taking in large air tricks and tech street moves as well, a third place and $125 was his results at this year’s Rocky’s final fest – Dempsey has been in the Perth bmx scene for many years, he has some mad skills on a bike and you never know what he will come out with when riding, this large 360 tabletop was the highlight of his runs. He had some great flow around the park and won $75 for his 4th place – Bradley South finally got his wish, after 6 years of riding he finally won some money, $50 for his 5th place. He was super happy, but to Brad bmx is all about the fun not the win. Tail whip over the spine.

More photos from the day can be found at our facebook page.

Rocky’s final fest skatepark competition – 13th July 2014 – Round 11 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter Advanced – 1st Billy Watts $500, 2nd Ben Thomas $187.50, 2nd Matty Ceravolo $187.50, 4th Jiordan Giacoppo $75, 5th Aden Lillis $50, 6th Brandon Black, 7th Morgan Avery, 8th Ethan MacKenzie

Skateboard Advanced – 1st Chonchoe Lasvendous $500, 2nd Mason Brown $250, 3rd Jamie Pratten $125, 4th Josh Birtwistle $75, 5th Daine Brown $50, 6th Matt Grisham, 7th Joel Pond.

Bmx Advanced – 1st Laurence Bakewell $500, 2nd Dylan Schmitt $250, 3rd Jacob De Abreu $125, 4th Dempsey Varischetti $75, 5th Bradley South $50, 6th Taylor Brown, 6th The Allan, 6th Matt Adkins, 9th Jarrod Minniecon, 10th Jake Greaves, 11th Luiz Paulo, 12th Jesse Brown, 13th Aden Lillas, 14th Regan Lothian.