Waroona High school assembly


Recently Freestyle Now was invited to the Waroona High School for a school presentation. The focus behind the school presentations is to demonstrate and to educate what radness is all about but to also provide a motivational presentation to inspire others. The week that Freestyle Now visited Waroona High School it was in the middle of mental health week and the “R U OK” program was in full swing. Freestyle Now brought in a few of our ramps to the Waroona school and set about to put on a rad show. For the assembly presentation the younger students from the Waroona Primacy school also attended so it was super loud with lots of people screaming.  After the performance the primary students went back to class and our founder of Freestyle Now Shaun Jarvis gave a motivational presentation to the high school students on his past experience about “R U OK” and how it is important to have something in your life that you can turn to that is creative and constructive. For Shaun it has been BMX. At the end of the presentation the students got to hang out with the Freestyle Now squad and ask questions.
We got a few photos from the day and one of the teachers Jo Evans was rad to offer her video footage to us to post up.
R U OK is an important question to ask your friends, as sometime they are feeling the weight of problems and issues and a simple gesture of asking “R U OK” can be all they need to know you care and are willing to listen. If you feel you need assistance with any mental health issues get in touch with lifeline.

Freestyle Now Waroona school assembly presentation sep 2014 - Mitch Harris

Squad member Mitch Harris gets it done in front of a loud Waroona school crowd.

Freestyle Now Waroona school assembly presentation sep 2014

Clockwise from top left – Mitch Harris flips the maple – Matt Adkins down whips – John Manning and Mitch candid shot – Matt Adkins rotates in a vertical direction.