Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Northam agricultural show


The Freestyle Now bmx stunt show returned to the Northam Agricultural show once again to entertain the people. The lead up to the two day show was a wet one with rain forecast over the two day. Friday night was great with the rain staying away while Freestyle Now rolled out the rad with some great entertaining bmx stunt shows. Squad members Shaun Jarvis and David Pinelli were joined by reserves squad members Matt Adkins and Brady Thomas to perform some bmx stunts on the Friday night. Over night the rain came down, hard and heavy. Come Saturday morning it was still raining and doubt was cast on the ability for Freestyle Now to perform. After waiting till 1pm the ground dried up and it was show time. Freestyle Now squad members Shaun Jarvis and David Pinelli returned for day two and this time they were joined by fellow squad members Laurence Bakewell and Dylan Schmidt. After the 1st show of the day it was a check of the weather radar, the next shows was at 2pm and 3pm. Come 2pm it was show time but the dark clouds were approaching. The 2nd show for the day was all done and then without a break it was straight into the final 10 minute show for the day as the rain was coming towards Northam and coming fast. As soon as the 3rd show was done it was straight into pack up mode, with the PA system packed away 5 minutes after finishing the show the rain bucketed down. Its finally stopped long enough to pack away the ramp system. There was again some crazy riding taking place over the 2 day show. Thank you to the Northam show for once again organizing a great agricultural show, this one their 125th. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt show will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Northam Agricultural show 2015 - David Pinelli dipped 360

David Pinelli gets his dipped 360 on in the sunshine before the dark clouds came in.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Northam Agricultural show 2015

Clockwise from top left – Matt Adkins throws in a downside tailwhip – Brady Thomas with toboggan – David Pinelli backflips over Shaun Jarvis doing a Norrie stand – Dylan Schmidt jumps high, high enough to jump over the 187cm tall Shaun Jarvis.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Northam Agricultural show 2015 - Dylan Schmidt super whip

Dylan Schmidt big super whip while the dark clouds roll in.

Freestyle Now bmx stunt show - Northam Agricultural show 2015 - Laurence Bakewell 360 double tailwhip

Laurence Bakewell is crazy and this 360 double tail whip is proof, check the rain on its way, it was heavy.

More photos of the day can be found on our facebook page.