Kie Ashworth moves onto the Veterans


Kie Ashworth has been a member of the Freestyle Now squad since 2005. His first ever stunt shows was out in Corrigin in August 2005. A whole lot of rad has taken place since then. Freestyle Now has grown and so has Kie, from a young 17 year old to a fully grown man who is still a kid at heart. Kie’s ability on his bike is unbelievable. A natural raw talent with such power and ability that it is a pleasure to watch him ride. Kie was one of the first Australian riders to be sponsored directly by American bmx companies FBM and Animal without being into the American competition scene. Kie does not ride as much as he did due to other life commitments which happens but there was no way we wanted him to leave the Freestyle Now squad as he has helped us grow and given so much rad to the people. Kie Ashworth is a deserving member of the veterans squad.
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Kie Ashworth Icepick chink the bouy at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

Kie Ashworth ice chinking the top of the buoy at Fremantle skatepark. This is massive.

Kie Ashworth bmx stunt shows 2005 - 2007

Clockwise from top left – Kie at his first Freestyle Now bmx stunt show in Corrigin 2005 with a 360 over the box – Kie at Corrigin again with a phone snap of this massive turndown, Kie always goes high – Kie in Coolgardie in 2006 – Backflip turndown at the Albany Show in 2007.

gidgegannup show 2010 kie boost

Kie can boost high, this one from the Gidgegannup show in 2010 shows just how high Kie can go.

Kie Ashworth lookback the hip at Fremantle Skatepark August 2014

One of the last photo shoots from last year we had with Kie at Fremantle skatepark.

Kie Ashworth was featured in the ground breaking video out of Western Australia How Hard Is It. Kie has the opening section to the video and even though it was released in 2006 it is still an amazing section to watch and gives credit to Kie’s bmx skills

Kie Ashworth was sponsored by the FBM bike co for many years. This is a video edit dome for FBM in mid 2010

Kie Ashworth was sponsored by Stowaway Distribution for many years and this is one of the video edits that Kie did for Animal.