Welcome Ben Thomas – Freestyle Now squad member


Freestyle Now would like to welcome Ben Thomas to the Freestyle Now squad. Ben Thomas started riding scooters in 2008 and has been progressing ever since then till he is now classed as one of the world’s best scooter riders. Ben has been rolling at many of the Freestyle Now coaching sessions and competitions over the past few months so we thought we would make him an official Freestyle Now squad member. Ben brings not only some of the raddest moves on a scooter to Freestyle Now but a great positive attitude that is a major asset at all of our events. Ben Thomas has got some serious competition wins under his belt. Over the last few years Ben has not only just taken top placings with in Australia but he has place in the top five in all the ISA World championship competitions since 2012 – 2015. 2nd place in 2012, 5th place in 2013, 4th place in 2014 and taking a 5th place in 2015. This is remarkable considering the amount of riders and how hard the competition is at such an event. Ben also recently attend the 2015 Scootfest World Cup in England where he place 1st.

Freestyle Now - Ben Thomas - no hander flair - february 2016 - scooter

No handed flair at his local skatepark, High Wycombe

Ben Thomas had this to say about becoming a Freestyle Now squad member. “I enjoy riding for and being a part of Freestyle Now. They are a really cool, chilled out bunch of dudes that just love to enjoy themselves and have a good time within the sports of scooters, bmx and skateboarding. I quite enjoy doing coaching workshops and hosting competitions with Freestyle Now, meeting some many younger dudes and helping them out with tricks and stuff like that. Always a good time.”
Be sure to check out his profile page for some info in Ben that you may or may not know and a few of his videos that he has out. Be sure to head on over to one of our events as most likely Ben will be there rolling out the rad. Welcome Ben Thomas to the Freestyle Now squad.

Action Sports Games 2015 - Ben Thomas 1st place Scooter

Ben Thomas at the 2015 Action Sports Games where he took out 1st place, multiple whips over the box

Ben Thomas and a mid 2015 edit