Willetton skatepark competition – Round 8 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series


Round 8 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series took place at the Willetton skatepark. There was a good turnout of competitors and spectator for afternoon competition with a total of 63 competitors. Willetton has always had large numbers at the competition and this competition was no different. At all of the Freestyle Now skatepark competitions there are three classes for competitors to enter, beginners (younger and still learning), intermediates (competitors with some good skills) and the open class (consistent and dials tricks) in the three disciplines scooter, skateboard and bmx. There is also a girls class to help encourage more girls to enter. A big thank you to all the competitors who rolled out the rad at the Willetton skatepark competition. We would like to thank the City of Canning and our supporters, Local BMXColony bmxSacrifice scootersEthereal Clothing and 4 skateboard Co
The next skatepark competition will be Round 11 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series held at the Margaret River skatepark on the 28th May, hope to see you there.

freestyle now - Willetton skatepark bmx skateboard scooter competition april 2016

Clockwise from top left – Kieran Ramsay flipping the little jump box on his way to a 1st place in scooter open – Its always a pleasure to see Ross McBride skate and to see is progression 1st in skateboard intermediate  – Jess Whitehead has progressed so much over the past year, decade over the hip and a 1st in open bmx – Imogen Hamilton is rad, a 1st place in the girls class. More photos can be found on the facebook page here

Willetton skatepark competition – 22nd April 2016 – Round 8 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Girls – 1st Imogen Hamilton, 2nd Kelsey Morrow, 3rd Liz Walley, 4th Sienna Hamilton

Scooter beginner – 1st Michael Harris, 2nd Riley Miller, 3rd Jarrad Fautley, 4th Brady DeHoop, 5th Liam Hillman, 6th Owen Bould 7th Ethan Jones, 8th Boston Brown, 9th Lachlah Frandson, 10th Xavier Dieoricks, 11th Declan Buswell-Smith, 12th Josh Hughes, 13th Ayden Brown, 14th Tyson O’hara

Scooter intermediate – 1st Jakob Wells, 2nd Sebastian Steven, 3rd Braiden Hills, 4th Talyn Galic, 5th Zac Tarka, 6th Ethan Price, 7th Jamie McInnes, 8th Dylan Harris, 9th Taiyo Wright, 10th Owen Nolan, 11th Theo McCrackan, 12th Jackson Jones, 13th Jesse Foutana, 14th Connor Murphy, 15th Seth Gibson, 16th Noah Neveu, 17th Jordan Field, 18th Caleb Lees, 19th Finn Lappin, 20th Harry Hodgson

Scooter open – 1st Kieran Ramsay, 2nd Joirdan Giacoppo, 3rd James Daly, 4th Jae Yates, 5th Caleb Pratt, 6th Jason Meintjes, 7th Joel Robinson, 8th Brody Groth, 9th Aden Lillas

Skate beginner – 1st Declan Buswell-Smith, 2nd   Xavier Diedricks, 3rd Liz Walley, 4th Ethan Jones, 5th Ryley Logah-Lewis

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Ross Mc Bride, 2nd Shelden Byren

Bmx beginner – 1st Cooper Morrow, 2nd Taj Hamelton, 3rd Tyson O’Hara

Bmx intermediate – 1st Robert Olivieri, 2nd Joel Abreu, 3rd Tom Ayling

Bmx open – 1st Jesse Whitehead, 2nd Jesse Nelson, 3rd Jack Carwardine, 4th Jack Murphy