Freestyle Now Waroona High School Assembly – stunt show


Recently Freestyle Now was invited to the Waroona High School for a school presentation. The focus behind the school presentation is to demonstrate and to educate what radness is all about but to also provide a motivational presentation to inspire others with a mix of awesome BMX, scooter and skateboard skills. The week that Freestyle Now visited Waroona High School it was in the middle of mental health week and the “R U OK” program was in full swing. Freestyle Now set up the jump box and squad members Shaun Jarvis and Lee Kirkman were joined by reserves squad member Matt Adkins and good friend Morgan Ray to roll out the rad.
For the assembly presentation the younger students from the Waroona Primacy School also attended so it was super loud with lots of people screaming.  After the performance the primary students went back to class and our founder of Freestyle Now Shaun Jarvis gave a motivational presentation to the high school students on his past experience about “R U OK” and how it is important to have something in your life that you can turn to that is creative and constructive. Lee Kirkman also shared some of his past experiences to help motivate and inspire the students to make better choices in life. Matt Adkins and Morgan Ray also answered some questions from the students during some question time when the students got to hang out with the Freestyle Now squad. R U OK is an important question to ask your friends, as sometime they are feeling the weight of problems and issues and a simple gesture of asking “R U OK” can be all they need to know you care and are willing to listen. If you feel you need assistance with any mental health issues get in touch with lifeline. If you would like this type school presentation at your school please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements.


The Waroona high school went nuts when Matt Adkins sent a backflip over Shaun Jarvis.


Clockwise from top left – Guest rider Morgan Ray gets a kickless in the air – Lee Kirkman has the best Indian air seat grabs in the business – Shaun Jarvis had just came back from a injury and was stoked to roll this elbow glide for the students at the Waroona school – Lee Kirkman is a very versatile rider jumping tricks as well as the flatland tricks like this no hander backyard.


Matt Adkins lets a cannonball fly over the jump box at the recent Waroona school assembly presentation.

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