Freestyle Now squad members – DownUnderGround video round


Congratulations to Freestyle Now squad members for their recent placing in round 2 of DownUnderGround. Shaun Jarvis 1st in expert, Jason Parker 2nd in expert, Paul Chamberlain 2nd in open and Lee Kirkman 3rd in open. DownUnderGround is the Australian bmx flatland competition series. DownUnderGround is now into series 8. Round 1 took place in Adelaide in April and now round 2 – the video round has just recently concluded. As Australia is such a vast country DownUnderGround has two physical rounds (round 1 and 3) with round 2 being a video contest. Round 3 the finals take place in Melbourne at the Melbourne Imax location, on the 26th November and again Freestyle Now is supporting the event. This is one of the events you don’t want to miss. Check out the round 2 contest video submissions from the squad members to see the radness.

Shaun Jarvis 1st place in expert class


Jason Parker 2nd place in expert class


Paul Chamberlain 2nd place in open class


Lee Kirkman 3rd place in open class


It’s time for the finals of series 8, DownUnderGround 2016 the Australian national bmx flatland contest series. Round 3 the finals of series eight is taking place on the 26th November in Melbourne at the famous Imax location. It will be a great time with riders from all around Australia heading to one location to meet up, hang out, ride, and party. Make sure your get there from 12noon to 5pm to witness some of Australia’s best bmx flatland riders. The contest is supported by Freestyle Now Colony Bmx , Anchor BMX , Nothing Wrong , Level bmx and Solid Signs. All the info is on the flyer so make sure your attending.