Golden Bay skatepark competition – Round 17 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series


Round 17 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series took place at the Golden Bay skatepark. With the sun out the competitors were treated to some fine weather. Its is good to see the amount of progress the competitors have over the past year with many riders getting bigger and better tricks over the time. It was also good to see Chris Wells and Jamie Ferreo make the journey from Geraldton just for the skatepark competition. Chris took a heavy fall in round 2 and was feeling that one for a few days. We hope to see more of them in 2017. At all of the Freestyle Now skatepark competitions there are three classes for competitors to enter, beginners (younger and still learning), intermediates (competitors with some good skills) and the open class (consistent and dials tricks) in the three disciplines scooter, skateboard and bmx. There is also a girls class to help encourage more girls to enter. A big thank you to all the competitors who rolled out the rad at the Golden Bay skatepark competition. We would like to thank the City of Rockingham as well as our supporters, Colony bmxSacrifice scooters. Round 18 takes place at the new Esperance skatepark on the 4th December. Be sure to check our coming events page for all the latest information.


Clockwise from top left – Cooper Morrow took out 3rd in the bmx beginners, he is a super pumped kid on bmx and this is a rad photos of him – Kody Law will now be competing in the open class for 2017, rack up another win for him at Golden Bay in scooter intermediate – Peter Gibson took out the win in the bmx open class, foot jam whip on the flatbank – Jiordan Giacoppo has power and skill and this quint whip was just some of the radness he unleashed at Golden Bay.
More photos from the competition can be found on the facebook page here.

Golden Bay skatepark competition – 22nd October 2016 – Round 17 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Kynan Daniell, 2nd Marcus Stirling, 3rd Boston Brown, 4th Cullen Shannon, 5th Jai Morete, 6th Levi Morete, 7th Parker Ware

Scooter intermediate – 1st Kody Law, 2nd Kai Underdown, 3rd Brenda Latta, 4th Tyler Jennings, 5th Jamie Gaebler, 6th Talyn Galic, 7th Daniel Gionta, 8th Sebastian Steven, 9th Tristan Munro, 10th Jesse Noy, 11th Tyson Carroll, 12th Kaillen Ingate, 13th Aydan Brown.

Scooter open – 1st Jiordan Giacoppo, 2nd Kieran Ramsay, 3rd Jakob Wells, 4th Caleb Pratt, 5th Corey Vandam, 6th Brody Groth, 7th Liam Collins, 8th Aiden Lillas

Bmx beginners – 1st Taj Hamilton, 2nd Bailey Jokic, 3rd Cooper Morrow, 4th Riley Morrow

Bmx intermediates  – 1st Ben O’Loughlin,  2nd Luke Tooze, 3rd Kieran Ramsay, 4th Harry Ollier,  5th Jamie Ferreo

Bmx open – 1st Peter Gibson, 2nd Jack Carwardine, 3rd Reece Jobse, 4th Jiordan Giacoppo, 5th Chris Wells.