Round 1 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series took place at the opening of the new Wanneroo skatepark. Being the opening of the new skatepark there were lots of spectators and participants there to enjoy the celebrations. The competition turnout was great with lots of new competitors who were entering their first competition. The spectators were everywhere and supported the competitors with great applause and cheer. At all of the Freestyle Now skatepark competition there are three classes for competitors to enter, beginners (younger and still learning), intermediates (competitors with some good skills) and the open class (consistent and dials tricks) in the three disciplines scooter, skateboard and bmx. There is also a girl’s class to help encourage more girls to enter. The event ran with one run on the street/park section and one run in the bowl section. Two separate competitions. Wanneroo skatepark has a really large and deep bowl, its great to see that bigger bowls are progressing in the metropolitan area. We would like to thank the City of Wanneroo and our supporters, Colony bmx, Sacrifice scooters, 4 skateboard Co and Aikenhead skate shop. Round 3 of the 2017 series takes place at Bassendean skatepark on the 17th February. Be sure to check our coming events page for all the latest information.

Freestylew Now Wanneroo skatepark competition January 2017 bmx skateboard scooter competition

Clockwise from top left – Adam Pacynko has an awesome style in the big bowl, 1st place in open skateboard – Karee Furneyuall took the win in the mixed girls group. Its great to see more girls getting into the skatepark culture – Jason Meintjes with a big whip rewind – Nathan Dobbie using his out riggers for some metal sounds. More photos from the competition can be found on the facebook page here.

Wanneroo skatepark competition – 13th January 2017 – Round 1Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results


Mixed girls – 1st Karee Furneyuall (scooter), 2nd Kaitlyn Traynor (Skate), 2nd Safyr Iriks (Skate), 4th Shayla Carberry (scoooter), 5th Ella Norton (scooter)

Beginner scooter – 1st Dylan Lynne, 2nd Jordan Dalby, 3rd Forbes Hislop, 4th Jai Morete, 5th Jordan Young, 5th Chris Bogdan, 7th Bailey Arends, 8th Cooper Saunders, 9th Sean Penfold, 10th Mallachi Darcy, 11th Coen Gibson, 12th Levi Morete, 13th Ethan Duirs, 14th Case Graham, 15th     Thomas McEillavry, 16th Benjamin Richards, 17th  Rocco Valuri, 18th Liam Carle, 19th Will Palmer.

Intermediate scooter – 1st Ethan Rowland, 2nd Jacob Flavelle, 3rd Tyler Jennings, 4th Lewis Macaulay, 5th Tom Osbaldiston, 6th Brody Groth, 7th Tyler Norton, 8th Matthew Ainsworth, 9th Talyn Galic, 10th Jake Costa, 11th Teejay Ward, 12th Jack Hall, 13th Jackson Archer, 14th Josh Palmer, 15th Nate Graham.

Open scooter – 1st Jiordan Giacoppo, 2nd Brock Hughes, 3rd Jakob Wells, 4th Jason Meintjes, 5th Kody Law.

Beginner skateboard – 1st Ethan Rowland, 2nd Lachlan Berg, 3rd Kai Scarlett, 4th Xavier Moreno.

Intermediate skateboard – 1st CJ Martinez, 2nd Lachlan Logan, 3rd Zach Brown, 4th Michael Potter, 5th Michael Thomas.

Open skateboard – 1st Brandon Kilroy, 2nd Zac Clinkers, 3rd Don Howley, 4th Anthony Janssen, 5th Daniel Turner, 6th Nick Phillips, 7th Adam Pacynko.

Beginner BMX – 1st Jeremy Wilson, 2nd Campbell Wilson.

Intermediate BMX – 1st Sean Thill, 2nd Adam Smedley.

Open BMX – 1st Jack Carwardine, 2nd Nathan Dobbie, 3rd Luke Tooze


Intermediate scooter – 1st Brody Groth, 2nd Ethan Rowland, 3rd Talyn Galic, 4th Jacob Flavelle, 5th Tyler Jennings, 6th Matthew Ainsworth, 7th Tom Osbaldiston, 8th Tyler Norton, 9th Jackson Archer, 10th Nate Graham, 11th Jack Hall, 11th Teejay Ward, 13th Josh Palmer, 14th Lewis Macaulay.

Open scooter – 1st Jiordan Giacoppo, 2nd Jason Meintjes, 3rd Kody Law, 4th Jakob Wells

Intermediate skateboard – 1st CJ Martinez, 2nd Zach Brown.

Open skateboard – 1st Adam Pacynko, 2nd Brandon Kilroy, 3rd Pav Pacynko, 4th Zac Clinkers, 5th Julian Wilkinson, 6th Anthony Janssen, 7th Don Howley.

Intermediate BMX – 1st Sean Thill, 2nd Adam Smedley.

Open BMX – 1st Nathan Dobbie, 2nd Jack Carwardine, 3rd Luke Tooze.