Round 2 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series took place at the Butler skatepark. The skatepark competition turnout was great with lots of young scooter beginners coming into the competition. The competition took place at part of the Butler Bonanza event so there was lots of fun activities going on for families along with some great musical performances on stage. It was good to see some great parental support for the competitors. At all of the Freestyle Now skatepark competition there are three classes for competitors to enter, beginners (younger and still learning), intermediates (competitors with some good skills) and the open class (consistent and dials tricks) in the three disciplines scooter, skateboard and bmx. There is also a girl’s class to help encourage more girls to enter. We would like to thank the City of Wanneroo and our supporters, Colony bmxSacrifice scooters4 skateboard Co and Aikenhead skateboard shop. Round 3 of the 2017 series takes place at Bassendean skatepark on the 17th February. Be sure to check our coming events page for all the latest information.

Freestylew Now Butler skatepark competition January 2017 bmx skateboard scooter competition

Clockwise from top left – Luke Tooze took the win in BMX open and did some rad 360’s over the box as well – Kieran Ramsay was riding his local park and took out 2nd place just behind Jiordan Giacoppo – Zach Brown is a young rad skater, 1st in beginners – Tyla D’Arcy took out the 1st place in skateboard open class with much skill and style, tail slide down the hubber. More photos from the competition can be found on the facebook page here.

Butler skatepark competition – 20th January 2017 – Round 2 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Girls scooter – 1st Karee Furneyuall, 2nd Shayla Carberry, 3rd Ella Norton.

Beginner scooter – 1st Leeam Utton, 2nd Alf Deighton, 3rd Kian Gregory, 4th Ryan Clark, 5th Jordan Dalby, 6th Coen Gibson, 7th Josh Palmer, 8th Jai Morete, 9th Jack Hall, 9th Jack Beckett, 11th Hayden Sommer, 11th Rhion Tori, 11th Riley George, 14th Joshua Bowen, 15th Levi Morete, 15th Kosta Meek, 15th Cooper Morvey, 18th Josh Padley, 18th Connor Futter, 18th Douglas Woodward, 21st Dylan Prince, 22nd Cooper Saunders, 23rd Kayden Daly, 23rd Lochlann Houghton, 25th Aansh Patel, 26th Brody Henderson, 26th Cameron Houghton, 26th Tony Tottenham, 26th Ethan Henderson, 29th Aaryan Patel, 30th Will Palmer.

Intermediate scooter – 1st Jacob Flavelle, 2nd Brody Groth, 3rd Lewis MaCaulay, 4th Ethan Rowland, 5th Sebastian Stevens, 6th Steon Crawford, 7th Riley Dainton, 7th Akway Nyok, 9th Tylar Norton, 10th Talyn Galic, 11th Owen Bould, 12th Josh Van B, 13th Cooper Gorge, 13th Dominic Burns, 13th Taj Mays, 16th Joshua Huckle.

Open scooter – 1st Jiordan Giacoppo, 2nd Kieran Ramsay, 3rd Jason Meintjes, 4th Kody Law, 5th Tyler Jennings, 6th Jakob Wells

Beginner skateboard – 1st Zach Brown, 2nd Izak Kealy.

Intermediate skateboard – 1st Stephen Watkins, 2nd Benjamin Metcalf, 3rd Charlie Stanbrook, 4th Josh Mellor, 5th Dean Heraty.

Open skateboard – 1st Tyla D’Arcy, 2nd Ryley Dunbar, 3rd Mat Kealy.

Intermediate BMX – 1st Christian Silvestro, 2nd Sean Thill, 3rd Adam Smedley.

Open BMX – 1st Luke Tooze, 2nd Jack Carwardine.