Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – 30 years ago today


30 years to the day, today the 3rd of March 1987, Freestyle Now busted out one of our all time classic bmx stunt shows at the Fremantle speed classic. This was our third ever bmx stunt show that we had done and our first paid gig. We not sure how we got this gig but looking back it was a great day with many memories. We do have video footage locked away on VHS which should see light of day very soon. We are working on a upcoming mini documentary celebrating the history of Freestyle Now. Click here to have a look at our long list of stunt shows from over the past 30 years.

These three guys are the dudes who started Freestyle Now left to right – Shaun Jarvis, Brad Dyer, Georg Molnar.

Right-  Brad Dyer showing off his incredible balance skills. Left – Georg Molnar riding the flatbank mid fakie.

 Shaun Jarvis with frame stand variation 87

 Left – Todd Triebler throwing down a cherry picker. Todd was the announcer in our first few stunt shows. On this day Georg took a handle bar to the stomach in the 2nd show so Todd came out in the 3rd show to throw down. He did not disappoint and became a permanent member of the squad.
Right – Brad Dyer hopping around on the front end.

 The West Australian New paper ran this photo on page 3 of the newspaper a few days after the show. Shaun Jarvis had this to say about the newspaper article. “I went into work on Tuesday and the boss said that he wanted to buy the paper but was told that they were all sold out, some young bloke had brought them all. I had no clue what the heck he was on about, until a little while later a fellow worker showed me the paper, I was stoked to say the least. The only copy I have is this old photo copied one, still it brings back some great memories from the show.”