Freestyle Now school assembly – Bruce Rock school


Recently Freestyle Now travelled out to Bruce Rock for a school assembly to give a motivational presentation to the students. Squad members Shaun Jarvis, David Pinelli, Matt Adkins and Jarrod Murfit, were on hand to roll out the rad and show them that through dedication and sacrifice you can reach your goals.

Through dedication and sacrifice you can reach your goals.

Matt Adkins lets loose for the students with a cannonball over the jump box

BMX stunt riding is an excellent example of what perseverance is all about. When learning a new trick, a rider must be willing to devote their time, energy and effort. They must be able to calculate risks, find out how to correct mistakes and pick themselves back up when they fail. Just as it took Thomas Eddison 1000 tries to create the electric light bulb it took Matt Adkins 99 attempts before he learned how to do a front flip – this is the type of drive, dedication and singular focus that is required for a rider to master a stunt. Coming to understand that to be truly successful you must learn from your failures can be broadened out to other parts of your life.

Clockwise from top left – Shaun Jarvis brought much of his life experience to the presentation along with some awesome bmx flatland skills like this backyard trick – David Pinelli spins a 360 without his hands on the grips – Matt Adkins mid front flip showing that anything in life is possible if you’re willing to learn the skill – Matt Adkins arms are aerodynamic for more air lift.

At the school assembly presentation the squad also talked about leadership to the students. Leadership can take many different paths, and an example that Shaun gave was on how someone else can have an enormous impact on your life and they don’t even know it! Shaun helped a young BMX rider set up his bike 25 years ago. Later that rider made contact with Shaun via social media saying that he never forget the time that Shaun helped him. He was so pumped and happy about the time that Shaun dedicated to him that it made him want to keep riding. Given that it was 25 years ago Shaun can’t remember that moment but the other person can! Our actions and what seem like small insignificant moments of leadership can have far-reaching consequences. When Shaun was a young BMX racer, he met the Godfather of freestyle Bob Haro. The opportunity to meet one of the BMX industries heroes and be encouraged by him was the main reason Shaun started Freestyle Now. If you were to ask Bob Haro about that moment 33 years ago, he would not remember, but Shaun does. The message to students was that leadership does not necessarily mean being a manager or CEO – it is about your everyday actions and how they can affect people for their entire lives – so strive to be a positive influence!

Presenting these positive, meaningful messages and demonstrating the most radical heart-stopping BMX stunt riding that the students have ever seen is what Freestyle Now is all about. When you combine these motivational stories with back flips, front flips, 360 spins and so many other crazy epic stunts those messages stay with students for a long time and Freestyle Now is grateful to bring that radness to life to our young generations.

David Pinelli back flips over a restful Jarrod Murfit

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