Freestyle Now school assembly – Ringwood Secondary College


Recently Freestyle Now hosted a school assembly presentation at the Ringwood secondary college in Melbourne to give a motivational presentation to the students. Squad member Lee Kirkman was joined by good friends Jai Bradley, Josh Dunstone and Cal Egginton to roll out the rad and show the students that through dedication and sacrifice you can reach your goals. The school assembly was part of the bounce into mental health carnival that the school was holding on the day. Mental health is an important part of living. To mentally strong means you have the capacity to achieve many goals. It is important to be mentally aware and know the signs that things are not well, not just for yourself but for friends and family. Being involved in an activity can help you stay mentally strong.

Being active and involved helps you to stay mentally strong.

Lee Kirkman has been a professional BMX rider for the past 20 years. His achievements would not be possible without being positive and staying focused. Big 360 at the Ringwood Secondary Collage presentation.

Being involved in BMX, skateboard and scooter activities can help you and others to stay focused and mentally healthy. Lots of riders will say that when they are out riding it helps to clear their head as it changes the focus of the thoughts that you have and all of your thought process is devoted to performing tricks and stunts. This was just one of the messages that was delivered in the school presentation at Ringwood Secondary College. Staying focused and being involved in something creative and constructive, such as BMX, skateboarding or scooters is a great way to stay mentally strong.

Clockwise from top left – Jai Bradley backflips for the students showing that being focused gives you results – Josh Dunstone can move his skateboard in ways that leave people asking what did I just see – Cal Egginton uses his foot on the tyre to help stall right on the coping of the ramp – Lee Kirkman putting his multi talented bmx skills to the test with some bmx flatland trickery.

Jai Bradley spins a 360 while the back of the bike spins a 360 as well, also known as a tailwhip 360. You can see all the students are captivated by his skills, a moment in time they will remember for a long time.

Presenting these positive, meaningful messages and demonstrating the most radical heart-stopping BMX, skateboard and scooter riding that the students have ever seen is what Freestyle Now is all about. When you combine these motivational messages with back flips, front flips, 360 spins and so many other crazy epic stunts those messages stay with students for a long time and Freestyle Now is grateful to bring that radness to life to our young generations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Freestyle Now today for pricings and any relevant information you may require for Freestyle Now to deliver to your school a great school assembly presentation. More photos from the Ringwood Secondary College assembly presentation can be found on our facebook page here.