Welcome new recruits squad member – Karee Furneyvall


Freestyle Now would like to welcome to the squad new recruits scooter rider Karee Furneyvall. Karee is the first female to join the Freestyle Now squad in its 30 years history. Karee has been scooter riding for a while now and its only in the last year that she has really been getting out to comps and getting seen. When we first met Karee we knew straight away that she would make a great addition to our squad. Karee is polite and well mannered and caries herself well when around others which is one of the most important things when gaining sponsorship. Karee also had some rad scooter skills as well. Karee has also recently got sponsored by Sacrifice Scooters as well. Back in April Karee attend the Australian Scooter titles in Melbourne where she took out a 6th place. It is great that more females are getting into action sports and we are hoping that Karee will help to show that girls can participate at skateparks and roll out the rad. Please check out Karee Furneyvall’s profile for more information on our newest recruit squad member.

Karee Furneyvall barspinning over the spine at High Wycombe skatepark.