Willetton skatepark was the next location in the Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series. Round 12 was a massive turnout with 78 competitors. Willetton has always had big numbers and it was great to have some sun shine at the Willetton competition as the last few years it’s been plagued by bad weather. Skateboard and BMX both had some good numbers with all three classes having entrants. Scooter beginners again had a large number of competitors as did scooter intermediate. The riding that all of the competitors were displaying was nothing but progressive. It is great to see so many younger riders coming up and progressing from beginners into the opens. A large thank you to The City of Canning for their support. We would also like to thank our other supporters Colony BMX, The 4 skateboard company, Modus, Grit scooter and Vokul scooters.

The next round of competitions takes place, round 14, the finals on the 9th December at the High Wycombe skatepark. Check our coming events page for more info.

Clockwise from top left – Jack Foreman has been progressing so well in skateboarding and it was great to see him skate at Willetton taking the win – Thanks to Vokul scooters for sponsoring the scooter competition with some products like these brand new Meta X1 completes that the winner of beginners, Ben lee and winner of intermediates, Adam Puffler were able to take home for their hard earned first placings – Kody Law winner of the open class. The competition was fierce at Willetton with it being a very close competition – Ben Targett winner of bmx intermediates. Classic table top, great to see they have never gone out of style. More photos from the day can be found on the facebook page here

Willetton skatepark competition – 6th October 2017 – Round 12 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Ben Lee, 2nd Toby Sully, 3rd Dylan Munson, 4th Connor Duffy, 5th Jett Stagrose Grose, 6th Jack Edwards, 7th Renso Schenis, 8th Jon Piccirilli, 9th Anmol Boparai, 10th Lachlan Norris, 11th Huxly Flower, 12th Ryan Spinella, 13th Ayden Kutzer, 14th Ethan Klompmaker, 15th Alex Thompson,16th Coen Gibson, 17th Angus Wright, 18th Nathan Ellison, 19th Blaire Holbrey, 20th Jye Thompson, 21th Ryder Gibson, 22th Ryan Bradshaw

Scooter intermediate – 1st Adam Puffler, 2nd Ethan Rowland, 3rd Tyson Carroll, 4th Taiyo Wright, 5th Oben Mchoull, 6th Peter Roberts, 7th Matt Boult, 8th Myles Palombella, 9th Lachlan Larsen, 10th Jordan Field, 11th Noah Neveu, 12th Tyler Miller, 13th Ethan Price, 14th Jacob Flavelle, 15th Wilder Rowe, 16th Theo McCracken, 17th Jayden Guelfi, 18th Riley Swandel, 18th Tim Schneider, 18th Boston Brown, 21st Finn Lappin, 21st Ty Newman, 23rd Cooper Chapman, 24th Jack Marrone, 25th Jarom Teki, 26th Zach Brown.

Scooter open – 1st Kody Law, 2nd Jakob Wells, 3rd Jason Meintjes, 4th Jae Yates, 5th Jordan Giacoppo, 6th Brody Groth, 7th Riley Hunter.

Skateboard beginners – 1st Koa Thompson, 2nd Huxley Flower, 3rd Isla Brown, 4th Myles Brown

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Cameron McDonnell, 2nd Zac Brown, 3rd Bailey Portman, 4th Ethan Rowland

Skateboard open – 1st Jack Foreman, 2nd Ross Local McBride, 3rd Jay Packer, 4th Sheldon Howard, 5th Isaac Doherty

BMX beginners – 1st Stephan De Haas, 1st Taj Hamilton.

BMX intermediate – 1st Ben Targett, 2nd Jy Garbin, 3rd Tyler Henderson.

BMX open – 1st Steven Heuez, 2nd Nathan Dobbie, 3rd Luke Tooze, 4th Jack Carwardine