The 2017 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series (F.N.W.A.S.S.) has come to an end. There were 14 rounds in total, covering most of Western Australia from Karratha and Port Hedland in the north to Esperance and Caple in the south as well as the Perth metropolitan area. The point series is open to all participants that compete in the intermediate and open classes in bmx, skateboard and scooter disciplines at all of the designated skatepark competitions that Freestyle Now hosts. There were lots of competitors who entered the competitions during 2017 with each competitor receiving points for their placing. Points are awarded in the following way for each placing, 1st = 30 , 2nd = 25 , 3rd = 20 , 4th = 10 , 5th = 15 , 6th = 5 , 7th onwards = 3

A congratulations goes out to the competitors who competed and followed the series enough to keep their points up. This series doesn’t really dictate who it the best rider in the state but gives the competitors a series to follow to work on a year end title. The 2018 series is set to kick off with round 1 at the Bassendean skatepark on the 16th of February and round 2 will be at the Action Sports Games at the Bunbury skatepark on the 3rd March. To see all of Freestyle Now coming events be sure to check our coming events page. We will be in touch with the winners of the series to award them prizes for their efforts.

For the 2018 series only the top 10 place getters from each competition will get points allocated to the year end series. The winners in open classes will win an away trip with Freestyle now to one of our away events as a guest squad member for the event. All travel costs, accommodation, meals will be taken care of as well as being paid for their services. Other prizes will be awarded to top 3 in all classes. To be eligible to receive prize competitors must compete in no less than 5 competitions. All competitions in the Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series will be held at skateparks within a 300km radius of Perth.

Left Bailey Portman won the skateboard intermediate – Right Jack Forman won first place in open skateboard

Top 3 skateboard intermediate
1st Bailey Portman 80 points, 2nd Zach Brown 70 points 3rd CJ Martinez 60 points
Full results chart here

Top 3 skateboard open
1st Jack Forman 60 points, 2nd Brandon Kilroy 55 points, 3rd Don Howley 46 points
Full results chart here

Left Ethan Rowland won the scooter intermediate – Right Jiordan Giacoppo won first place in open scooter once again that’s 3 years in a row. 2015, 2016 and 2017 year end title holder, congratulation to Jiordan Giacoppo

Top 3 scooter intermediate
1st Ethan Rowland 231 points, 2nd Jacob Flavelle 116 points, 3rd Talyn Galic 108 points
Full results chart here

Top 3 scooter open
1st Jiordan Giacoppo 200 points, 2nd Kody Law 150 points, 3rd Jakob Wells 136 points
Full results chart here

Left Sean Thill won the bmx intermediate – Right Luke Tooze won first place in open bmx with an impressive 2017 year of radness

Top 3 bmx intermediate
1st Sean Thill 140 points, 2nd Adam Smedley 70 points, 3rd Ben Targett 61 points
Full results chart here

Top 3 bmx open
1st Luke Tooze 250 points, 2nd Jack Carwardine 235 points, 3rd Nathan Dobbie 125 points
Full results chart here

2017 Freestyle Now Western Australian Skatepark Series competition list

Round 1 Wanneroo – 13th January
Round 2 Butler  – 20th January
Round 3 Bassendean – 17th February
Round 4 Collie – 12th March
Round 5 Esperance – 19th March
Round 6 Pinjarra – 1st April
Round 7 South Hedland – 8th April
Round 8 Caple – 22nd April
Round 9 Rockingham – 13th May
Round 10 Port Hedland – 12th August
Round 11 Karratha – 19th August
Round 12 Willetton – 6th October
Round 13 Stratton – 14th October
Round 14 High Wycombe – 9th December