Freestyle Now bmx and scooter stunt show – Mildura agricultural show  


Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx and scooter stunt shows at the Mildura agricultural show. Freestyle Now squad member Lee Kirkman made the journey to Mildura in the north west of Victoria with guest riders Jai Bradley, Shannon Farrugia and scooter rider Matty Ceravolo. The riders performed some great stunt shows on the portable ramp. With Jai Bradley and Shannon Fuerugia ripping it over the jump box in bmx mode, Matty Ceravolo rolling out the rad with some insane scooter moves and Lee Kirkman performing some great bmx flatland skills, the crowd at the Mildura show were treated to some great riding from the squad during the bmx and scooter stunt show. Be sure to check out our coming events page to see where and when Freestyle now will be rolling out the rad next.

Jai Bradley rocking the 360 over the jump box

Clockwise from top left – Matty Ceravolo hittin it up with a flair whip – Lee Kirkman rolling upside down with some of his flatland moves – Matty Ceravolo again throwing his scooter around while the crowd making the noise – Jai Bradley taking his hands off while spinning a 360 over the jump box. More photos can be found here on our facebook page.