Freestyle Now bmx stunt show – Kelmscott agricultural show


Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx stunt shows at the Kelmscott agricultural show. Freestyle Now squad members Dylan Schmidt, Matt Adkins and Kim Bloodson were joined by guest riders Luke Tooze and Nathan Dobbie to roll out the rad to the patrons of the Kelmscott agricultural show. Freestyle Now performed some radical bmx stunt shows over the afternoon and evening. With Kim Bloodson on the microphone amping up the crowed during the bmx stunt shows the riders let it roll at show time with some crazy bmx stunt riding. Dylan Schmidt was throwing down some crazy superman tailwhips with Matt Adkins hitting some of the cleanest front flips we have ever seen. Guest rider Nathan Dobbie was successful on his 4th attempt to land a bike flip. A bike flip has never been done over the Freestyle Now jump box so a big bmx stunt show first to Nathan. Luke Tooze is a rad up and comer bmxer and he came so close pulling of his first front flip. The crowd at the Kelmscott show defiantly got a great performance. Be sure to check out our coming events page to see where and when Freestyle now will be rolling out the rad next.

Dylan Schmidt mid backflip at the Kelmscott agricultural show

Nathan Dobbie lands his first bike flip.