Bassendean skatepark competition BMX scooter skateboard – Round 1 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark series


Round 1 of the 2018 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series kicked off at the Bassendean skatepark as park to the Gravit8 youth festival. As always the Gravit8 festival did not disappoint. The Town of Bassendean youth workers as always set up the festival so that the night would be rad. Heaps of activities to get involved in if you were not competing or just wanted to chill out. Lots of families come out to support the competition which is always the best. With 61 competitors to get through it was going to be a hard press to get them all done in the allotted time. But as normal Freestyle Now got the skatepark competition done without effort and done smoothly. We would also like to thank our supporters Kickass BMX, The 4 skateboard company, Modus Bearings, Grit scooter, and the Town of Bassendean. Round 4 takes place in Pinjarra so be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

Clockwise from top left – Kyle Bridgeland took advantage of the free slushies and got a 1st in skateboard intermediate – Benjamin Targett use his silent bicycle to partake in some stunts to win 1st place in the bmx intermediate class – Cameron Harapeet was on fire and in the intermediate scooter class, not long till he will need to ride in the open class, he is getting that good – Ross Rogen-Green show up and proceeded to skate really good in his first run but not so good in his second, 3rd place but it was a treat to see his skills. More photos can be found on facebook here.

Luke Tooze took home the 2nd in BMX open but he was airing higher than anyone and this hip jump is proof. Dam he surely can fly.

Bassendean skatepark competition – Round 1 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series – 10th February 2018 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Gary Garlett, 2nd Maynard Nappers, 3rd Lachlan Norris, 4th Keilan Breen, 5th Shannon Allen, 5th Chris Prince, 7th Taj May, 8th Beaou Guy, 9th Nickolas Bowden, 10th Otis Harvey, 11th Declan Caldwell, 11th Blake Morey, 13th Joel Sorden, 13th Charlie Boffa, 15th Oliver Whittle, 15th Ben Brennard, 17th Ashah Monck, 17th Jack Saunders, 17th Dylan Matson, 20th Trae Mogridge, 21st Boady Lawford, 21st Chevy Smaller, 23rd Thomas Saunders, 23rd Jhett Ugle, 25th Zachery Geranis, 26th Rory Wright, 27th Samara Lawford.

Scooter intermediate – 1st Cameron Harapeet, 2nd Jay-Relle Clinch, 3rd Lachlan Larsen, 4th Austin Cole, 5th Nathan O’Farrell, 6th Connor Gale, 7th Aric Chea, 8th Ashton Kelly, 9th Rhys Barnes-Roberts.

Scooter open – 1st Jiordan Giacoppo, 2nd Tyler Jennings, 3rd Ethan Rowland, 4th Aden Lillas

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Kyle Bridgeland, 2nd Joshua Higginson, 3rd Regie Lane, 4th Luc Cecchele, 5th Judah Wheeler

Skateboard open – 1st Dylan Reese, 2nd Leuis Franich, 3rd Ross Rogen-Green

BMX beginner – 1st Campbell Wilson, 2nd Mason Egan, 3rd Zack Heart

BMX intermediate – 1st Benjamin Targett, 2nd Tyler Henderson, 3rd Jeremy Wilson, 4th Taj Hamilton.

BMX open – 1st Daniel Davis, 2nd Luke Tooze, 3rd Steven Heuer, 4th Lachlan Sims, 5th Jack Carwardine, 6th  Jiordan Giacoppo