Bunbury Action Sport Games skatepark competition BMX Scooter skateboard – Round 2 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark series


The Action Sports Games is back. After two years of a hiatus it has returned to a new home in Bunbury. It was on a smaller scale to what it was in previous years but this will  give it room to grow just like it did when it first came upon us 6 years ago. The skatepark competition took place on the Saturday with the wake boarding competition taking place on the Sunday. In amongst all of that were some freestyle moto shows. All up Bunbury has some of the best action sports taking place right in the heart of the city. The Action Sports Games skatepark competition was also round 2 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark series. This scooter, skateboard and bmx skatepark competition had $2400 prize money up for grabs and a stack of prizes from Vokul scooters and Minority clothing. The turnout was good with over 60 competitors and hundreds of spectators.

David Pinelli 1st in BMX open class

The beginners all went off first in the morning with some great riding all round in all the disciplines.  The intermediates were up next with some great stand outs like Adam Puffler and Seb Conte who only had one point between them for 1st and 2nd in scooters. In skateboard it was all Levi Pound, an up and comer who has defiantly the potential to make it in the open class. In BMX it was Fabio Canetti and Jayden Cugini who took the 1st and 2nd with some great bmx stunt riding.

The afternoon was all about the hard hitting open class. $500 was to go to first place. From the moment he dropped in you could tell Kody Law was on a mission. He was consistent and had some hard tricks. Taking home the win with 214 points with Kieran Ramsy 204 points for the $200 2nd spot and Jakob Well on 197 points for the $100 3rd place. The skateboard class was a tough one to judge, a lot came down to consistency. It was Brendon Cross who went big and stayed on the most and too the win with 220 points and $500. With only one point behind for the 2nd place and $200 was David Wilson, it was a tough competition. It was great to see Dylan Tomlinson skating hard again taking the 3rd place with 212 ponts and going home with $100. BMX class last to run. Dylan Schmidt was ripping it all day but come comp runs he just was missing that punchy push. A 3rd place, $100 with 218 points. Luke Tooze has been stepping up lately with his riding, he has the power and the ability he just need to refine his style to be a bit more smoother. 2nd place with $200 and 226 points. First place was all David Pinelli. You could see it when he dropped in, precise riding, big tricks and full of flow. $500 richer with a total of 231 points. We hope that for 2019 the Bunbury Action Sports Games will be back even bigger for all to get involved with, so stay posted. Round 4 of the Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark series takes place in Pinjarra so be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

Clockwise from top left – Shane McIver took 5th in the bmx open class but this super whip was one of the best tricks at the competition – Adam Puffler took home another Vokul complete scooter, this one from winning the intermediate scooter class – Rowan Cosh started his bmx journey when he was 3 after seeing a Freestyle Now bmx stunt show, now 12 years later he has some awesome x-ups – Dylan Tomlinson contorted and high on his skateboard, just the way he wants it. More photos can be found on facebook here.

Kody Law 1st in Scooter open class.

Brendon Cross 1st in skateboard open class

Bunbury Action Sport Games skatepark competition – Round 2 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series – 3rd March 2018 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Corbin Te Haara, 2nd Lachlan Norris, 3rd Dylan Munson, 4th Joshua Madson, 5th Seth Bailey, 6th Denver Riches, 7th Chayce Whitton, 8th Luca Wright, 9th Matthew Piggott, 10th Nick Watkins, 11th Caleb Rose

Scooter intermediate – 1st Adam Puffler, 2nd Seb Conte, 3rd Blake Edwards, 4th Ryan Sudintas, 5th Luke Gorey, 6th Kash Toft, 7th Tylar Norton, 8th Jayden Sutton, 9th Cody Pearson.

Scooter open – 1st Kody Law – $500, 2nd Kieran Ramsay – $200, 3rd Jakob Wells – $100, 4th Jiordan Giacoppo, 5th Ethan Rowland

Skateboard beginner – 1st Cruz Evans, 2nd Koltyn Te Haara, 3rd Vai Evans, 4th Aarlen TeHaara, 5th Cody McEvoy, 6th Zen Evans, 7th Kyle Cuzzola

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Levi Pound, 2nd Harry Thompson, 3rd Luke Hawkins, 4th Dexter Guppy

Skateboard open – 1st Brendon Cross – $500, 2nd David Wilson – $200, 3rd Dylan Tomlinson – $100, 4th Rogan Maka, 5th Jesse Nelson, 6th Jack Foreman, 7th Hudson Cleaver, 8th Rustache Mustache

BMX beginner – 1st Matthe Ewing

BMX intermediate – 1st Fabio Canetti, 2nd Jayden Cugini, 3rd Benjamin Target, 4th Jeremy Wilson, 5th Regan Lothian, 6th Benjamin Farrar, 7th Taj Hamilton, 8th Rowan Cosh

BMX open – 1st David Pinelli – $500, 2nd Luke Tooze – $200, 3rd Dylan Schmidt – $100, 4th Daniel Davis, 5th Shane McIver, 6th Leon Vermey, 7th Jack Carwardine, 8th Lachlan Sims