Norseman skatepark competition April 2018  


Norseman is a small town 2 hours south of Kalgoorle in the gold fields of Western Australia. Norseman has a small but old skatepark and Freestyle Now journeyed out to Norseman to host some skatepark activation sessions. On the Friday there was a skatepark coaching session followed by a skatepark competition on the Saturday. It was a great fun time for the participants who got to learn new skills and then were able to put them new skills into place in a competition. The competition held was a small one but still rad. Its good seeing the progress of the riders in the remote areas and how keen they are to get out and learn new tricks and compete against each other in a competition. A big thank you to the Shire of Dundas and also to our supporters Kickass BMXThe 4 skateboard companyModus BearingsGrit scooter. Be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

Jarrah Turner took out the 1st place

Norseman skatepark competition  28th April 2018 – Official results

Scooter Boys – 1st Jarrah Turner, 2nd Tyron Ware, 3rd Lachlan Buszan, 4th Hayden Morgan, 5th Chaise Miniter, 6th Dalton Preece, 7th Conor Wing

Scooter Girls – 1st Shakira Carlsen, 2nd Molly Clark

BMX – 1st Jayden Cugini