Coolgardie Day celebrations skatepark competition  


Freestyle Now headed east from Perth out to Coolgardie in the Western Australian goldfields to host a small skatepark competition as part of the Coolgardie Day celebrations. Coolgardie Day is the celebration of the discovery of gold in Coolgardie in September 1892. There were lots of festival attractions on the day like amusement riders and stalls and displays of rock drilling and all things gold mining. Freestyle Now hosted a skatepark coaching session in the morning followed by a small fun skatepark competition in the afternoon. Thanks to the Coolgardie day celebrations for having Freestyle Now attend Coolgardie and host a competition on the new Coolgardie skatepark. It’s a fun skatepark so be sure to stop in there if you are travelling out that way.
Our next skatepark competition is on the 27th October at the new Banksia Grove skatepark, hope to see you there.

Left – Hugh Strowger rode scooter (1st) and bmx  (4th)  in over 13’s and took home double prizes. Right – Kevin Knapp was full of energy and powered around the skatepark without effort, 1st place in under 13’s

More photos can be found on our Facebook page here. 

Coolgardie skatepark competition – 16th September 2018 – Official results

Under 13’s1st Kevin Knapp, 2nd Nate Higgins, 3rd Martin Close, 4th Leroy McKenzie, 5th Dustin Mckenzie, 6th Alex Pastorello

Over 13’s 1st Hugh Strowger (scooter), 2nd Julius Draunikau, 3rd Riley Higgins, 4th Hugh Strowger (bmx), 5th Summer Mills, 6th Kayne Dellar, 7th Jake Morroco