Willetton skatepark competition bmx scooter skateboard – Round 5 freestyle now western Australian skatepark series


Round 5 of the 2018 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series took place at the Willetton skatepark as part of the City of Canning Youth Festival. It was a great evening event with so much activity taking place in and around the skatepark. The competitors were all keen to show off their skills in the skatepark competition. With participants in scooter, skateboard and BMX the competition was a great success. The riding at the competition was as always off the hook with competitors pushing themselves to get their tricks done in the runs. A big thank you to the City of Canning for their support and also to our supporters Kickass BMXThe 4 skateboard companyModus BearingsGrit scooter. Our next skatepark competition takes place on the 24th November at the Kalgoorlie skatepark so be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

Clockwise from top left – Steven Heuer was in top form with a good mix of technical and large tricks with taking the first place in open BMX – Mitch Curtis had a blast at the skatepark competition and was seen smiling throughout his runs, it’s a common assurance with many competitors, taking a first place in open skateboard – Ben Tarrget with one of the most insane tricks we have seen, the lucky dip. Such a crazy trick to be done on such a small jump. Ben took out the first in the intermediate bmx class – Jae Yates took out the first in scooter open with some crazy combo tricks and great flow around the skatepark.
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Willetton skatepark competition – Round 5 Freestyle Now Western Australian skatepark competition series – 12th September 2018 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Ethan Lillas, 2nd Jacob Stockdale, 3rd Konrad Rucki, 4th Kalvin Heinz, 5th Thomas Feeley, 6th Tyson O’Hara, 7th Rhys Greenwood

Scooter intermediate – 1st Brad Jones, 2nd Brodie Horne, 3rd Oben McHoull, 4th Ben Lee, 5th Brady De Hoop

Scooter open – 1st Jae Yates, 2nd Calib Pratt, 3rd Corey Vandam, 4th Aden Lillas

Skateboard beginner – 1st Koa Thompson

Skateboard open – 1st Mitch Curtis, 2nd Bhailey Roberts, 3rd Euan Brown

BMX beginner – 1st Daniel Kirkman

BMX intermediate – 1st Ben Targett, 2nd Jeremy Wilson, 3rd Rhys Greenwood, 4th Taj Hamilton

BMX open – 1st Steven Heuer, 2nd Daniel Davis, 3rd Jack Carwardine