Bassendean Gravit8 festival – skatepark competition bmx scooter skateboard


The 2019 Bassendean Gravit8 festival was an awesome event. For about 7 years now the Gravit8 festival has been a highlight on the events calendar, if you have never been you defiantly have been missing out. The Bassendean youth services team really put 100% into organizing the event. The sound system is amazing with the DJ really working the tunes. The timing schedule on the skatepark competition is really important with only four hours to get through fifty competitors. As always Freestyle Now managed the night in true professionalism and got through the competitors as well as hosting jam sessions between the competition rounds, it was a jam packed night without a doubt. The energy from the night defiantly helps the skatepark competition participants be more hyped up to go harder in their competition runs. So much great riding went down. A few stand outs were Freestyle Now newest reserves squad member Dylan Reese taking the win in skateboard open but also showing how talented he is by taking the win in bmx intermediate as well. It was also great to see Freestyle Now recruits squad member CJ Martinez skating and taking the second in skateboard intermediate. Jack Graham Arho who has only been to a few Freestyle Now skatepark coaching sessions took the win in skateboard  beginner ad won a new skateboard deck from The 4 skateboard co, he was so stoked and left that night with a massive smile on his face. Chris Coglais had entered into bmx intermediate in what was his first competition but as soon as he dropped in we could tell he defiantly needed to move up to the open class which he did and took home the 2nd place. When 2020 comes around and you see the Gravit8 festival scheduled in make sure you attend even just as a spectator as the energy and vibe at the event is nothing but pure radness.
A big thank you to the Town of Bassendean for making it happen and also to our supporters Colony BMX , The 4 skateboard co, Modus bearings and grit scooters. Our next skatepark competition takes place in Bunbury as part of the Action Sports Games on the 17th march so be sure to check our coming events page for more info.

 Be sure to check the video form the 2019 Gravit8 such a rad vibe.

Luke Tooze getting his barspin on for a first in open bmx, was such a treat to see him destroy the skatepark with his unique style. Jack Graham Arho is still smiling thanks to winning skateboard beginner and a new skate deck. More photos of the competition can be found on our Facebook page here.

Bassendean skatepark competition – 8th February 2019 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Darcy Criddle, 2nd Joel Sowden, 3rd Jhett Ugle, 4th Jayce Taylor, 5th Tyler Jefferies, 6th Jack Graham Arho, 7th Samara Lawford

Scooter intermediate – 1st Jaxon Flecther, 2nd Karee Funeyvall, 3rd Alexander Tolcon, 4th Alec Fearn, 5th Levi Riebeck, 6th Jacob Stockdlae, 7th Chris Prince, 8th Brody Lawford

Scooter Open – 1st Will Harold, 2nd Jasen Rhodes, 3rd Tyler Jennings, 4th Cameron Harapeet, 5th    Elian Luevas, 6th Aden Lillas

Skate beginner – 1st Jack Graham Arho, 2nd Eli Caporn-Bennett, 3rd Riley Morrow, 4th Mason Egan

Skate intermediate – 1st Robert Sinclair, 2nd CJ Martinez, 3rd Kyle Bridgeland, 4th John Manny

Skate open – 1st Dylan Reece, 2nd Sam Orme, 3rd Noval Lang

BMX beginner – 1st Mason Egan, 2nd Cacey Harvey Hill, 3rd Cooper Morrow, 4th Campbell Wilson, 5th Matt Bertone, 6th Albie Livesley.

BMX intermediate – 1st Dylan Recce, 2nd Taj Hamilton, 3rd Zenith John Riley, 4th Jeremy Wilson, 5th Callum Sharp, 6th Tyler Jennings, 7th Keaghan Robertson, 8th Dylan Gayski

BMX open – 1st Luke Tooze, 2nd Chris Coglais, 3rd Aaron Newman, 4th Jack Hooper