Freestyle Now – BMX stunt show – Perth Sky show 2019


Freestyle Now recently performed some bmx stunt shows at the 2019 Perth Sky show. The day was warm and sunny and the crowds were loud. As always with the Perth Sky show people gradually build during the afternoon till it is packed toward the end of the afternoon. Freestyle now performed some amazing bmx stunt shows throughout the day, the audience were really getting into it and making lots of noise. As the crowds were bring in the noise the Freestyle Now squad got more amped up to roll out the rad. Our youngest rider and recruits squad member Taj Hamilton performed his first bmx stunt show last year at the Perth Sky show and this year he up it by dong his first back flip over the jump box. He was ecstatic and so were the squad who all raced to him to congratulate him. Reserves squad member Jack Carwardine got amped up from Taj doing the back flip and decide to do his first front flip over the jump box. He was so stoked. It was a great show, the crowds at were amazing, with every show having great numbers of spectators all coming to see the radical bmx stunt show that Freestyle Now was performing.

Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now bmx stunt shows will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements. A full list of all the stunt shows that Freestyle Now has ever done over the past 32 years can be found on our past stunt show page.

Now that entertainment, check the crowds, check the balance of Shaun Jarvis in the mod hoppers, check the flair from Nathan Dobbie, check the perfect blue skies, and check the entertainment value,  Freestyle Now can deliver the radness, More photos can be found on our facebook page here.

Clockwise from top left – Luke Tooze getting is all twisted up in the front end with an Xup – Nathan Dobbie is not letting his bike go accidentally, captured mid bike flip – Jack Carwardine throwing down a super indy grab – Josh Garwood in perfect upside down moment with the City of Perth in the background.

Taj Hamilton did his first backflip at the Perth Sky Show, it was awesome to watch.