Ramp It Up – High Wycombe skatepark competition – bmx scooter skateboard competition – May 2019


The Ramp It Up skatepark competition made a return to High Wycombe skatepark for 2019. This is always a highlight on the skatepark competition scene and the turnout is always good, and the level of skill during completion is on another level. The City of Kalamunda always puts in the extra effort for the Ramp It Up skatepark competition and the crowds always are keen to make noise. Crowd participation at skatepark competitions are important an competitors get amped up when the crowed is cheering and screaming, it makes the competitors want to throw down more. With 63 competitors it was going to be a rad afternoon of competition. It was great to see a good representation of all the disciplines in the skatepark competition. A big thank you to the youth team at the City of Kalamunda for their support and also to our supporters Colony bmx, Grit Scooter and 4 skateboard Company as well as Mad Orse industries. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events.

Josh Garwood has recently been added to the Freestyle Now squad and rightly so, this was the gap of the day, tyre grab over the bowl. Thats right he jumped over the bowl !!!!

Clockwise from top left – Jared Kitson showed some awesome skills on the rubber wheeled machine like this toboggan and took out the 1st place in the intermediate bmx class – Tyler Jennings like to fly and has his arms reshaped to help him sore even higher. A first place in the open scooters at his home skatepark – Hunter McGill is an awesome name to have if you are a skateboarder and in this case Hunter McGill is a skateboarder and a good one at that. A first place in the intermediate class for the guy who travelled over 200kms just to skate at the competition – Levi Rehbeck is a rad scooter rider and we hope to see him in the open class soon. Mad skills displayed at the High Wycombe skatepark competition from Levi like this 360 helpd him take the win. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.

Ramp It Up – High Wycombe skatepark competition – 11th May 2019 – Official results

Scooter beginner – 1st Coen Gibson, 2nd Tait Moffatt, 3rd Brenten Waddingham, 4th Jayce Tayor, 5th Cody Morgani, 6th Austin Hatton, 7th Josh Schnierer, 8th Ryder Gibson, 9th Jensen Shaw, 10th Brodie Camil, 11th Lochy Argyle, 11th Trevor Bailey, 13th Ethan Seale, 13th Lee Reiner, 13th Santhi Arya, 13th Zach Kelly, 17th Albie Livesley, 17th Jake Lynch-Blosse, 17th Angus Lynch, 20th Jax Hannah

Scooter intermediate – 1st Levi Rehbeck, 2nd Callan Mansfield, 3rd Austin Cooper, 4th Jacob Stockdale, 5th Ryan Hall, 6th Corey Price, 7th Jack Moss, 8th Ayden Graham, 9th Tyson Gordon, 10th Tate Hatton, 10th Jacob Horgan.

Scooter open – 1st Tyler Jennings, 2nd Corey VanDam, 3rd Ash Carter

Skate beginner – 1st Coen Gibson, 2nd Billy Bartlett, 3rd Filip Utjesinovic, 4th Ryder Gibson

Skate intermediate – 1st Hunter McGill, 2nd Rhys Leigh, 3rd Jordan Mills, 4th Daniel London, 5th Beauen Dyson, 6th Nicholas London, 7th CJ Martinez

BMX beginner – 1st Campbell Wilson, 2nd Albie Livesley, 3rd Brenton Waddingham, 4th Lee Reiner

Bmx intermediate – 1st Jared Kitson, 2nd Zenith Riley, 3rd Taj Hamilton, 4th Jeremy Mills, 5th Callum Sharp, 5th Nathan Garbin, 7th Nathan Wilson

Bmx open – 1st Josh Garwood, 2nd Dan Davis, 3rd Jack Carwardine, 4th Jaden Roadley, 5th Nathan Joson, 6th Ben Targett, 7th Tyler Gayski, 8th Tyler Jennings.

Below is a rad video of highlights thanks to Mad Orse industries and Do Re Media