Welcome to Freestyle Now Josh Garwood


Josh hitting up the full pipe in Port Hedland. This is not an easy task, just look at the surface

Freestyle Now would like to welcome our newest squad member Josh Garwood. Josh has been hitting up a few bmx stunt shows with Freestyle Now over the past year before we added him to the squad roster. Josh is amazing on a bike, has great flow, awesome style and likes to go fast and jump big. Josh was officially put on the squad in May and he had just finished up a super rad video edit. The video was shot over the past 12 months and is all killa and no filla. Josh defiantly knows how to roll out the rad and seems to have some super rad powers on and off his bmx bike. Be sure to check his profile page and watch his video edit below thanks to Jlove media. Welcome Josh and thank you for your radness.