Shaun Jarvis BMX backyard bowl – 1992 video


In 1991 Freestyle Now co founder Shaun Jarvis dug a hole the size of a swimming pool in his backyard. Shaun and then Freestyle Now squad member Todd Triebler thought about building a single jump in the backyard.  The single jump idea did not last long as it turned into a bowl. At the start there were about eight bmx riders that came to help hand dig the hole that world turn into the bowl. Over many months that eight slowly diminished until it was only Shaun digging and working on the construction. Before any riding surface was laid down the fence almost fell over due to sand being up against it so was again shoveled by hand away and brick walls were built to hold the sand back in place.  Paving slabs seemed to be the best and cheapest option for creating a riding surface. The mission was to by as many second hand slabs as he could. This was not always an easy task as by the time you got the paper and checked the ads for paving slabs they were gone. In time paving slabs were attained and the bowl started to get covered. In this only video of the bowl you can see that it has been covered and able to have some riding taking place. Over the next few years more slabs were laid and cement was hand mixed to help smooth out the corners as you can see in the above photo. Unfortunately the bowl never got completely finished as Shaun sold the house where the bowl was and it had to be filled in on the completion of the sale. Shaun was the only person to ride the bowl so enjoy this look back in time with this video and wish you could have been there to have a ride in the backyard bowl.