FREESTYLE NOW – BMX STUNT SHOW – Beverley Agricultural show


Freestyle Now recently performed bmx stunt shows at the Beverley Agricultural show. It was good to be back at the Beverley Agricultural show as the last time Freestyle Now performed there was in 1999 when Shaun Jarvis was out there doing solo flatland shows. Freestyle Now had a rad crew of bmx stunt performers all set to roll out the rad at the Beverley Show for 2019.

Luke tooze gets his arms twisted up while making a vertical rotation over the top of Shaun Jarvis

With squad members Taj Hamilton and Jack Carwardine along with Luke Tooze, Nathan Joson  and guest riders Daniel Davis and Tyler Gayski. Squadron leader Shaun Jarvis was on the mic as he was still on recovery mode from an injury. The entertainment value was high with tailwhips, 360’s, backflips and frontflips taking place over the four bmx stunt shows set for the day. The day started very cold and did not reach much warmer that cold, but Freestyle Now got things heated up with some great bmx stunt show performances. It was nothing but the pure radness that Freestyle Now is known for. This show also marked the semi retirement of the Freestyle Now jump box which after 19 years is making way for a new bigger bmx show jump. Make sure you check out our coming events page to see where the next Freestyle Now stunt shows will be going down. If you would like this type of great entertainment at your next event please get in contact with Freestyle Now with your requirements. A full list of all the stunt shows that Freestyle Now has ever done over the past 32 years can be found on our past stunt show page.

Clockwise from top left – Jack Carwardine getting his tailwhip on – two rad 12 year olds, Tyler Gayski jumping over his good friend Taj Hamilton – Nathon Joson goes upside down and takes his hands off – Taj Hamiton wants to fly higher so thought he would use his arms for a bit more lift. More photos can be found on our Facebook page here.