Practice make perfect as the saying goes. But how do you practice for a bmx stunt show, work on new tricks and gain more confidence? You set up your bmx stunt show ramps in the street and proceed to get rad, and that exactly what we did. We invited Freestyle Now squad members Josh Garwood, Shaun Jarvis, Luke Tooze, Tim Rose and Taj Hamilton to come and get rad in the street. We set up the FN big jump on the street out the front of our house and got rad. We also invited good friends Nathan Joson, Daniel Davis and Kieran Ramsay along for the day to session the FN big jump and throw down some tricks, try new tricks and generally get used to hitting up the FN big jump. What a fun and rad day it was. Be sure to watch the video.

It was great to had veteran Freestyle Now squad member Tim Rose come and have a roll on the FN big jump, Nice table 360.

Getting rad in the streets, be sure to watch the video to see what we got up to.

Luke Tooze worked on some new tricks, this is the result of some of that work. Be sure to watch the video to see what Luke was working on.