Shaun Jarvis – Rolling out the rad in April 2021 video


Shaun Jarvis April 2021 bmx edit has some crazy moments.

Freestyle Now co founder and squadron leader Shaun Jarvis has been riding BMX for 40 years and he is not slowing down just yet at 52 years of age. In April he attended many different locations with Freestyle Now hosting coaching sessions and skatepark competitions. The premise behind the video was to get clips at as many of the locations as possible that Freestyle Now visited. In some cases there was not much time to plan its was simply ride and film. Shaun explains “For me riding is an organic process, nothing should be forced, just let it flow. It was a lot of fun filming the clips. Looking at the spot and thinking how can I interact with what’s here and how does my riding fit with the location. Many of the clips are just freestyled, no set plan just as it flowed out. Some took longer than should have and some were a one and done. Over all I’m stoked on the clips, I pushed myself a bit more than normal, took some heavy slams and the outcome is some great memories. Big massive thanks to Kareece Furneyvall and Amos Hadad for their filming, really appreciate it. Stay rad”