Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware – Scooter competition April 2021


The Action Sports Games has been a staple of the competition scene for 10 years, the first taking place in Mandurah in 2011. After a few years the event moved to Bunbury and was held there for a few years and now it was back at Mandurah, held at the new Mandurah skatepark. What an amazing event the Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware was. The competition zone was the small bowl and street/plaza section so that it gave diversity to the competition so that competitors of many different styles and abilities could throw down. This was one of the biggest scooter competitions that Western Australia had seen in a few years. The scooter competition was so well attended with large numbers of competitors all keen to roll out the rad and be involved supporting scooters. With lots of cash and prizes to be won many riders were keen to compete. The beginners had a good list of riders and it was a regular to our coaching sessions Lucas Lenane that took the win. Freja Iburg has been attending a few competition in the past few months and it’s good to see their progress. Keeping it calm during the competition runs it important and you can see Freja has been improving, taking the win in the girls / ladies class, most awesome. Luke Donovan is on the rise with their skills. Will he be completion in next year’s pro class? Could be if his progression stays moving on. His win in the open class was super impressive and dialed.

Jarod Colwell had so many tricks at the Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games. This super grab over the box was so clean and dialed just like all of his other tricks. A true professional skilled scooter rider.

The pro class was off the hook and Jarod Colwell was hanging off another hook that was well and truly off the first hook. His runs were something else. His backflip from flat down a gap was the wildest thing of the contest, totally came from nowhere and erupted the crowd for sure. His first place in the pro class and $500 cash winnings could never be disputed. Taking 2nd place in the pro class was Corey Vandam with $250, his 540 flairs was so spot on and clean. Another OG taking third was Jae Yates only 3 points behind Corey. A few inconsistencies in a few tricks may have been the issue as it certainly was not his lack of skills. Consistency is key in competitions. Adam Puffler was only 1 point behind Jae, Adam has defiantly moved up the skills ladder since he won the intermediates class at the 2018 Action Sports Games. Kash Toft is on the up and rise, it’s a name to know for next year’s pro class. Kash was only one point behind Adam, yeah the pro class was a super tight competition. Kash as some rad skills that if the progress is still there could be a podium challenger. We would like to thank our competition supporters Scooter Hut, Grit scooters, Crisp scooters, District scooters, Striker scooters, Root Industries as well as all the scooter riders and spectators who came to the competition. We are looking forward to making the 2022 Mandurah Action Sports Games even bigger again. See you there.

Clockwise from top left – Lucas Lenane is a young beginner scooter rider that is seeking out their own style and flow. Some nice uprail action on his way to first in the beginners. – Freja Iburg road really well and took the win in the girls / ladies class. – Luke Donovan likes Nirvana and can also ride scooters really good. Over the box on his way to first in the open class. – Logan Dunbar backflippin and winning the intermediates class, expect to see Logan in the open class next year. – More photos can be found on our facebook page here .

Corey Vandam floating casually while his scooter deck masks his eyes from being in the photo, second place in pro scooter.


Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware Headspace skatepark competition

Scooter Hut Scooter competition results 10th April 2021 – Official results

 Supported by – Scooter Hut, Grit scooters, Crisp scooters, District scooters, Striker scooters, Root Industries

Competitor’s points are listed after their name

Pro Scooter – 1st Jarod Colwell – 165 points $500, 2nd Corey Van Dam – 144 points $250, 3rd Jae Yates – 141 points $150, 4th Adam Puffler – 140 points, 5th Kash Toft – 139 points

Scooter open – 1st Luke Donovan – 130 points, 2nd Nathan Jones – 117 points, 3rd Cody Pearson – 102 points, 4th Cohen Burgess – 100 points

Scooter intermediates – 1st Logan Dunbar – 107 points, 2nd Josh Schnierer – 98 points, 3rd Rufus Macfarlane-Brewer – 95 points, 4th Casey Donohoe – 93 points, 5th Ethan Budd – 92 points, 6th Jake Budgie – 85 points, 7th Riley Wedgwood – 83 points, 8th Toby Avis – 79 points, 9th Tobias Iburg – 74 points, 10th Blair Maitland – 68 points

Scooter girls / ladies – 1st Freja Iburg – 72 points, 2nd Bianca Martin – 63 points, 3rd Fiona Krasnoff – 56 points, 4th Jorja Carberry – 49 points

Scooter beginners – 1st Lucas Lenane – 56 points, 2nd Luke Hutchinson – 54 points, 3rd Brenten Waddingham – 48 points, 4th Max Power – 46 points, 5th Jayden Hunter – 45 points, 6th Owen King – 44 points, 7th Ivan Hamill – 42 points, 8th Jet Carberry – 36 points, 9th Alfie Curran Ragan – 35 points, 9th Brodi Beamsley – 35 points, 9th Boyd Munro – 35 points, 12th Madden Smith – 31 points

Scooter under 10’s – 1st Heath Williams – 59 points, 2nd Bianca Martin – 53 points, 3rd Oisín Hunt – 52 points, 4th Jayce Blakers – 45 points, 5th Eli Stokes – 37 points, 6th Felix Curran Ragan – 32 points