Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware – Skateboard competition April 2021


Brendon Cross doing what he does so well, skating and getting tweeked over the box, on his way to the pro class win and $500 cash prize.

The Action Sports Games has been a staple of the competition scene for 10 years, the first taking place in Mandurah in 2011. After a few years the event moved to Bunbury and was held there for a few years and now it was back at Mandurah, held at the new Mandurah skatepark. What an amazing event the Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware was. The competition zone was the small bowl and street/plaza section so that it gave diversity to the competition so that competitors of many different styles and abilities could throw down. The skateboard competition was so well attended with large numbers of competitors all keen to roll out the rad and be involved supporting skateboarding. There was a strong turn out in the girls/ladies division as well as the beginners which was great to see. Some competitors entered in two different divisions such as Hailee Roberts and Mia Kretzer who exchange placings in the intermediates and girls with each taking a win and a second place. The Evens boys were in full effect and have also powered themselves up to the awesome level with Zen taking the win in the open class and Vai placing 4th in the pro and Cruz 6th in pro. These young boys have still got so much growing to do and will definitely be challenging the top pros very soon. In the pro class there was over $900 to share with the top 3. It was defiantly a close contest between Brendon Cross and Sam Ormski, with both skaters having so much power and skill pushing through their runs. Both went big. Both went fast, but it was Brendon who took the win by only 12 points.
We would like to thank our competition supporters Modus Bearings, The 4 Skateboard Co and Star surf and skate as well as all the skaters and spectators who came to the competition. We are looking forward to making the 2022 Mandurah Action Sports Games even bigger again. See you there.

Clockwise from top left – It was good to see Mia Kretzer skate, taking the win in the girls/ladies division and second place in the intermediates, big moves and great consistency. – Hailee Roberts won the intermediates division and also took second in the girls/ladies division, such and awesome skater with a big future in skating. – Zen Evens was amazing to watch skate on his way to winning the open class. So much power and skill for such a young competitor. His brothers Via and Cruz was are watching in the background, both of them held it up well in the pro class. – Jack Forman has been skating for some time now and his presents at the Mandurah Action Sports Games was great to see. Always having a positive attitude at competitions. He was out of skating for almost a year due to a knee injury so it was good to have him back and rolling out the rad. – More photos can be found on our facebook page here

Sam Ormski has so much flow and power in his style, he is so rad to watch as he navigates his way around the skatepark hitting up what ever is in this way. So much height in this over the hip, no one went higher than Sam, second place in the pro class and $260 cash winnings

Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware Headspace skatepark competition
Skateboard competition results 10th April 2021 – Official results

Supported by – Modus Bearings, The 4 Skateboard Co, Star surf and skate
Competitor’s points are listed after their name

Pro skateboard – 1st Brendon Cross – 255 points $500, 2nd Sam Ormski – 243 points $260, 3rd Jack Forman – 236 points $160, 4th Vai Evans – 226 points, 5th Jake Smith – 216 points, 6th Cruz Evans – 211 points, 7th Jesse Nelson – 204 points, 8th Amos Hadad – 195 points

Skateboard open – 1st Zen Evans – 245 points, 2nd Jack Forman – 232 points, 3rd Oliver Laning – 215 points, 4th Levi Pound – 188 points, 5th Tex Macpherson – 170 points, 6th Jake Smith – 159 points

Skateboard intermediate – 1st Hailee Roberts – 170 points, 2nd Mia Kretzer – 166 points, 3rd Jared Hickman – 164 points, 4th Kaden Stewart – 160 points, 5th Isabelle Kretzer – 156 points, 6th Madison Ware – 153 points, 7th Parker Ware – 152 points, 8th Nate Stewart – 148 points, 9th Lewis Reise – 127 points, 10th Neale Whittaker – 123 points

Skateboard girls / ladies – 1st Mia Kretzer – 232 points, 2nd Hailee Roberts – 225 points, 3rd Ryleigh Richardson – 210 points, 4th Madison Ware – 185 points, 5th Isabelle Kretzer – 182 points, 6th Ruby Day – 173 points, 7th Mackenzie Richardson – 161 points, 8th Fiona Krasnoff – 157 points, 9th Pepper Connolly – 156 points

Skateboard beginner – 1st Braxton Maynard – 66 points, 2nd Brodie Eltwood – 54 points, 3rd Nate Hutchings – 53 points, 4th Maitland Drake-Brockman – 50 points, 5th Pepper Connolly – 49 points, 6th Lachlan Eltwood – 45 points, 7th Kasper Godfrey – 44 points, 8th Marshall Drake-Brockman – 42 points, 9th Jesse Subritzky – 41 points, 10th Charlie Subritzky – 39 points, 11th Rosie Connolly – 38 points, 12th Ilay Godfrey – 38 points, 13th Isaac Subritzky – 37 points