Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware – BMX competition May 2021


Luke Tooze is so bad ass. This 360 gap is so rad. Luke took 1st place in pro and $500 cash. Luke rode the Mandurah skatepark and just sent trick after trick. Such a great run.

The Action Sports Games has been a staple of the competition scene for 10 years, the first taking place in Mandurah in 2011. After a few years the event moved to Bunbury and was held there for a few years and now it was back at Mandurah, held at the new Mandurah skatepark. What an amazing event the Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware was. The competition zone was the small bowl and street/plaza section so that it gave diversity to the competition so that competitors of many different styles and abilities could throw down. This was one of the biggest BMX competitions since the Western Australian BMX freestyle state championships held back in November. The Action Sports Games BMX competitions was postponed twice before it was finally held. The competition was set to take place on the Sunday of the Action Sports Games but the water falling from the sky put a stop to that, and then it was set for early May but Covid restrictions were in effect so it finally took place in a perfect sunny day. The BMX competition was well attended with large numbers of competitors all keen to roll out the rad and help support BMX. The beginners and intermediate had finals, their qualifying rounds were super tight in points. In the beginners after qualifying the top six moving into the finals was Harlan Pfeiffer and Albie Livesley tied on 66 points for first and then Kayden Taylor sitting in 3rd with 60 points. 4th was Harry Daley with 59 points and Brenten Waddingham and Bianca Martin sitting tied in 5th with 57 points. Going into the finals it was a one between 4th and 5th. This was going to be a tight final. Harlan was able to take the win, with some good flowing and consistent lines. Coming in 2nd and a well deserved place was Freestyle Now recruits squad member Albie Livesley, only 2 points behind. Brenten Waddingham upped it in the finals moving into 3rd place. Kayden Taylor moved on down to 4th. He rode really well but tried some harder tricks which lowered his consistency scores. He has lots of potential and we are sure we will see him taking podium really soon.

Clockwise from top left – Harlan Pfeiffer on his way winning the beginners class – Albie Livesley with a rad 360. Albie won the under 10’s and a second in beginners with all the skills – Jack Quinlan is one of the youngest competitors at the age of 4 and ripped around the skatepark, expect to see more of him at competitions – Bianca Martin is a shredder. Bianca won the girls class and mixed it in the beginners for a 6th place.

The intermediate class was super rad and fully stacked with lots of rad young riders. Ronan McCamish and Roman Depiazzi had tied for first place with 79 points in qualifying and were in the finals. Either of these two roadsters could take the win. Also making the finals in 3rd place was Jake Welhan. Jake has the best one footer tabletops going at the moment and he did plenty of them in the competition. We need more trick like this coming on up that for sure, pure style. Shae Matthews also made it into the finals but after hitting up some 720’s in qualifying his ankle was cooked from landing off. Only 3 riders in the finals, any one of them could take the win. Ronan McCamish has a great style and flowed around the Mandurah small bowl effortless. A first place. Roman Depiazzi is moving on up the skill set super good. He is expanding his abilities almost on the daily. In the finals he was less consistent than in his qualifiers which dropped him a few points behind Ronan but a well deserving 2nd place. Jake Welhan didn’t get the radness rolling in the finals. His game was off a bit. But he still managed to hit them one footed tabletops with that Jake style, a 3rd place.

Clockwise from top left – Ronan McCamish won the intermediate class by a few points, blasted some rad airs and rode super rad – Roman Depiazzi has been progressing so fast over the past year and it was great to see him take a second place in the intermediates – Jake Welhan is rad. He has some rad one footer tabletops. Jake took 3rd in intermediates – Shaun Jarvis the oldest competitor took the 3rd in open, bike flip foot plant.

The open class had just 3 riders. 3rd place went to Freestyle Now squadron leader Shaun Jarvis, second place was taken by Jack Hooper and first was Kieran Ramsey. These two riders ride completely different from each other. Jack is all grinds and lines while Kieran is all whips and flips. At the end of the two runs they both had a highest score of 82 points, it was a tie. To seek a tie breaker their firsts runs were looked at and Kieran had it with 80 points over 74 points for Jack. Congratulations Kieran. The pro class was all Luke Tooze. Power, flow, speed, big tricks. His 360 out of the bowl over the step up gap into the plaza section was just epic. A first place and $500 prize money. 2nd place was west oz legend Ryan Aqulina. Riding like only Ryan can. Great use of the park both bowl and plaza and $300 prize money, he was stoked. 3rd place went to Jeremy Mills with some nice riding and good flow and winning $160.

The Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware BMX competition was a rad day. It put BMX in the spotlight. Big props to the under 10’s and girls competitors, the future is rad that for sure. It was unfortunate that the weather cancelled the competition on the weekend as the rest of the Action Sport Games but the important factor is the competition finally took place and the radness was rolled out. We would like to thank our competition supporters Colony BMX, Local BMX, United Bikes as well as all the BMX riders and spectators who came to the competition. We are looking forward to making the 2022 Mandurah Action Sports Games even bigger again. See you there.

Clockwise from top left – Kieran Ramsey sending a flair and wining the open class, just – Jack Hooper has some great skills and it was great to see them compete at the Action Sports Games and a 2nd in the open class – Ryan Aqulina is a rider of large skills and has been riding for 20 years, 2nd place in pro – Jeremy Mills rode well and took the 3rd place in pro – More photos can be found on our facebook page here.



Luke Tooze 1st and 2nd competition runs

Mandurah Mazda Action Sports Games presented by Drug Aware Headspace skatepark competition

BMX competition results 8th May 2021 – Official results

Supported by – Colony BMX, United BMX, Local BMX

Competitor’s points are listed after their name

BMX pro – 1st Luke Tooze – 89 points $500, 2nd Ryan Aqulina – 81 points $300, 3rd Jeremy Mills – 69 points $160

BMX open – 1st Kieran Ramsay – 83 points, 2nd Jack Hooper – 82 points, 3rd Shaun Jarvis – 67 points

BMX intermediates
Finals – 1st Ronan McCamish – 76 points, 2nd Roman Depiazzi – 71 points, 3rd Jake Welhan – 67 points, 4th Shae Matthews (injured could not ride)
Qualifying – 1st Ronan McCamish – 79 points, 1st Roman Depiazzi – 79 points, 3rd Jake Welhan – 78 points, 4th Shae Matthews – 74 points, 5th Adam Waterman – 69 points, 6th Wyatt Murphy – 62 points, 7th Flynn Hegarty – 46 points

BMX girls / ladies – 1st Bianca Martin – 62 points, 2nd RubyRose Welhan – 58 points, 3rd Fiona Krasnoff – 51 points

BMX beginners –
Finals – 1st Harlan Pfeiffer – 68 points, 2nd Albie Livesley – 66 points, 3rd Brenten Waddingham – 59 points, 4th Kayden Taylor – 57 points, 5th Harry Daley – 56 points, 6th Bianca Martin – 55 points
Qualifying – 1st 1st Harlan Pfeiffer – 66 points, 1st Albie Livesley – 66 points, 3rd Kayden Taylor – 60 points, 4th Harry Daley – 59 points, 5th Brenten Waddingham – 57 points, 6th Bianca Martin – 57 points, 7th Blair Maitland – 55 points, 8th Ilay Godfrey – 55 points, 9th Aaron Murray – 52 points, 10th Judd Howard – 48 points, 11th Fiona Krasnoff – 41 points.

BMX under 10’s – 1st Albie Livesley – 64 points, 2nd Jack Reid – 50 points, 3rd Bianca Martin – 46 points, 4th Ilay Godfrey – 44 points, 5th Fiona Krasnoff – 42 points, 6th Jack Quinlan – 34 points