Kareece Furneyvall moves up to full Freestyle Now squad status


Welcome to full squad status Kareece Furneyvall.

Welcome to full squad status Kareece Furneyvall. Starting out as a recruit in August 2017 Kareece has not only progressed with their riding, carving out their own unique style, but also they have grown into the one of the most amazing coaches and mentors Freestyle Now has. Kareece has a natural ability to engage with participants at skateparks and understand how to break down tricks to their basic form and explain each step to participants. Being a coach is not an easy task, it takes a certain understanding not only on the way to break down the mechanics of tricks but also the understanding that each participant has different abilities to comprehend. Kareece has all of this dialed. When it comes to scooter riding Kareece has their own style. After riding for 12 years and trying to follow the same as many other riders and not having fun, it took a scooter ride around the Swan river to really find what the reason for riding was all about, the fun and enjoyment. After this ride their riding style shifted to have more flow, more technical type of tricks. The fun of riding came back. You can see when Kareece is riding they don’t care about impressing anyone except themselves, this makes a good rider. Their riding is for them and judgment of others is irrelevant. What a lot of people don’t know is that Kareece also skates and rides BMX as well. While he enjoys both of these, scooters are their jam and we can see a scooter lifer every time Kareece steps on their scooter.

Toboggan footplant at sun down

The love of manuals is evident in Kareece’s riding, like this Xup manual at belmont

Kareece suffered a broken collarbone on October 2020. After a coaching session had finished he went for a quick ride at the skatepark only to be too comfortable on a finger whip and forgetting the cardinal rule with riding, never take tricks for granted. Landing wrong and rolling onto their shoulder a distinct sound was heard and straight away knew it was a collarbone. The recovery was impeded by a doctor dislodging the bones which resulted in surgery to screw it all back together. Coming in to March 2021 was when Kareece really started to find that mojo to be in scooter mode again. The below video is that journey of ”getting my mojo back”



“I’m incredibly stoked to officially on full Freestyle Now squad status. I’m so grateful to be able to finally release this video! The first clip was filmed in March of 2021 just a few months after breaking my collarbone, and I set myself a goal to collect some clips from every skatepark and spot I get to travel to through coaching. Freestyle Now has always been there for me, whether it was participating in the comps and learning from the sessions, or being able to live out my passion and be continuously inspired by my environment. Freestyle Now has given me the confidence to freestyle the now in my own unique way, being able to work with passion and spontaneity. Without Freestyle Now my recovery wouldn’t of been the same and I think this video shows how impactful that support was for me ‘getting my mojo back’! Words can’t express my gratitude to Freestyle Now and the opportunities given to me, thank you for the last five years and I look forward to rolling out the rad forever!” Kareece