Shaun Jarvis October skatepark video


Shaun heading down the rail at Kwinana skatepark

Freestyle Now co founder and squadron leader Shaun Jarvis has been riding BMX for 40 years and he is not slowing down just yet at 53 years of age. During September and October Freestyle Now hosted many skatepark coaching sessions and after each of the sessions Shaun set the goal to get clips at each location. Some time there was only a few minutes to work out lines and get the clips done. Shaun explains “BMX freestyle for me is a organic process, what flows is how it is, nothing is forced. Looking at the spot and thinking how can I interact with what’s here and how does my riding fit with the location. Many of the clips are just freestyled, no set plan just as it flowed out. Some took longer than should have and some were a one and done. Over all I’m stoked on the clips.”