2021 DownUnderGround – The Australian BMX flatland championships


2021 DownUnderGround, the Australian BMX flatland championships number 13 was a video only contest due to travel restriction within Australia. For whatever reason the number of riders who entered was smaller than past years even though the concept was changed this year so riders could submit multiple clips in their video up to 2 ½ minutes. We did get two new riders entered into the beginner class that we have not seen in an Australian flatland competition, this was super rad. As we did for last year we invited the judges, Paul Chamberlain and Joe Cicman and James McGraw, to offer commentary, competition run reviews and general banter on the final video. Freestyle Now squad member Shaun Jarvis took out the 2nd place in the expert class.


Competition format – Each judge scores each category out of 20 points;
Difficulty – How difficult and complex the tricks are.
Flow / smoothness – A riders ability to control their bike and make the combos flow.
Variety – Range of tricks, types of tricks, combinations of tricks, front and rear wheel usage, backwards and forwards. This can take into account range of techniques (spinning, turbining, rolling, scuffing, stationary, pumping…)

The best possible score from one judge per video run is 60 points. The three judges points are added together to determine the winner and place getters.

Thank you to DownUnderGound supporters – Freestyle Now , Colony BMX

2021 DownUnderGround – Australian BMX flatland championships – official results

1st – Jack Hooper – Perth – 146 points
2nd – Ashleigh Tomasini – Melbourne – 121 points

1st – Matt Wootton – Launceston – 159 points
2nd – Shaun Jarvis – Perth – 144 points
3rd – David Rooney – Melbourne – 143 points
4th – Fadzil Abdul Aziz – Melbourne – 133 points
5th – Scott Hone – Melbourne – 114 points

1st – Gonzalo Bellanti – Melbourne – 146 points
2nd – Heru Anwari – Melbourne – 121 points