Freestyle Now hosted another skateboard, scooter and BMX skatepark competition at the Bassendean skatepark. As always Bassendean lived up to its reputation for an awesome competition. We need to give a big shout out to the Town of Bassendean and the Bassendean youth services, Always supporting the skatepark. The format for the skatepark competition was two runs each competitor and the best run counts. It was a super tight competition over all the disciplines in all the classes. With three judges and three judging criteria’s when you add up all the numbers to have only a few points between places is super tight. We would also like to thank all the competitors for attending and making the event as rad as it was. Competitions are great to attend to meet new people and see other riders and their styles of riding. Hope to see you at the next competition soon. Be sure to check our coming events page for more information on all of our coming events. A full list of all the competitions that Freestyle Now has hosted can be found on the past competitions page here.

Clockwise from top left – West Australian BMX legend Ryan Aquilina is forever young and able to win the open class – Oli lane took a 3rd in the skateboard open class, he skates differently to many. Hand plant over the rail – This image of Bianca Martin sums up the vibe from competitions. Fun, hanging out with friends and blasting ramps – Corey VanDam is not crashing. This Stanley flip is hectic. Another win in the open class at Bassendean for Corey.

More photos can be found on our Facebook page here

Bassendean skatepark competition 19th February 2022 – Official results

Competitor’s points are listed after their name

Scooter under 10’s – 1st Thomas Wakelin 51, 2nd RJ Marshall 45, 3rd Isaac Bright 44, 4th Zaige Riddle 42, 5th Kade Scott 38, 6th DJ Hancey 34, 7th Addison Park 32

Scooter beginner – 1st Brodie Paewhenua 67, 2nd Jayce Blakers 61, 3rd Spencer Park 56, 4th Drew Hancey 53, 5th Jaxon Baker 41

Scooter intermediate – 1st Hayden Brewer 66, 2nd Freja Iburg 64, 3rd Charles Morrison 57, 4th Brent Waddingham 49, 5th Noah Allison 39 

Scooter open – 1st Corey Van Dam 87, 2nd Jeremy Clowry 76, 3rd Joshua Davies 74, 4th Oben McHoull 67, 5th Rhys Morris 58 

Skateboard 9 years and under – 1st Mia Kreter   79, 2nd Mason Clark 67, 3rd Tayah Payne 66, 4th Harlow Clark 61, 5th Rogue Day 57, 6th Ella Rogers 56, 7th Levi Pagdanganan 51

Skateboard 12 years and under – 1st Archie Anning 82, 2nd Josh Rechichi 55, 3rd Ringo Coogan    53, 4th Neale Whittaker   48

Skateboard 15 years and under – 1st Lachlan Creighton 64, 2nd Lachlan Bidefeld 58, 3rd    Kenzo Coogan 57, 4th Cayden Riddle 56, 5th Tom Rechichi 55, 6th Madison Rocca 51

Skateboard open – 1st Florian Stoopman 80, 2nd Rob Sinclair 74, 3rd Oli Lane 71, 4th Tom Bee 63, 5th Damian Hume 59, 6th Amos Hadad 58, 7th Christian Pagdanganan 53, 8th Kim Clark 49

BMX under 10’s – 1st Jayce Blakers 57, 2nd RJ Marshall 48, 3rd Noah Frayne 45, 4th Jack Quinlan 41

BMX beginner – 1st Bianca Martin 57, 2nd Brent Waddingham 54, 3rd Samuel Evans 52, 4th Hamish Cordiner Sumpton 49

BMX intermediate – 1st Albie Livesley 59, 164, 2nd Kirill Brogohton 57

BMX open – 1st Ryan Aquilina 85, 2nd Jerremy Wilson 74, 3rd Jack Hooper 68, 4th Jack Carwardine 67, 5th Jack Badkin 60